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G303 Daedalus Apex


Pros: Sensor accuracy , reactivity of clics switchs, the shape very litle and light

Cons: the click are a bit hard and feels a little fragile check in time, coated cable too big and heavy

The G303 is right now my favorite mouse ever i have tested Deathader 2013, Mamba v2, G9x and Logitech rx250 (basic office mouse) and the G303 is the best of them in term of tracking feel, precision and shape (equality with rx250) Moving from the legendary G9X to G303 is like night and day I live a quake player and I feel I am much more accurate and faster with this mouse is very light. I love little and light mice because it's better for fast games Imo G303 is the new king of the gaming mouse I became immeditaly quake live god in instagib with good menu settings and custom course cvar of course. Current manufacturers should take inspiration from the shape and weight of the mouse to their future production, since the G303 comes close to perfection. I feel a real downgrade in terms of precision and ergonomics with G9X that says it all its flaws: his bad skates customize put 4 small like those of intellimouse 1.1 and can be angled his side although they become insensitive when used. the biggest negative is the price 68 euros for a mouse a improved version of 302 i think the g302 is enough for precision and that the new sensor not justify the price difference.



Pros: Current best 3366 sensor, light and nimble, feedback through the feet and body

Cons: annoying cable

My friend went from a 2013 deathadder and the only negative thing he had to say were the side buttons did not feel as good.
I upgraded from a Corsair m45 and ourborous as their sensors let me down.

The first thing i noticed about this mouse is how light it is. The sensor exudes confidence on another level and if that weren't enough i can feel every bump through the mouse from my vespula control side.

I have had no trouble with the main buttons and the build quality feels good, however i did return one for having a scratch below, which otherwise appeared new and unused.

I had to jam it's cable under my x34 stand as it got in the way.

I'm probably gonna buy another 2 of these they are that good.

My other current mouse is the g502 using the same sensor, it's heavier sporting more buttons and is used with a palm grip.
G303 Daedalus Apex

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