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Gainward GTX 460 Golden Sample 1GB


Pros: Price, performance, Non reference PCB

Cons: VRAM, stock cooling, VRM cooling, only SLI

I have two of those in my sig rig running on 1080p monitor. These little cards are fantastic, non reference PCB which allows for water-cooling blocks to be attached, which in turn allows for higher overclocks.

They're also quite cheap and the stock cooler is quite poor, there isn't any VRM cooling and that certainly does not help temperature's, however as I mentioned before, if you're looking at a non reference GTX460 to watercool then this is a great contender.

The max overclock I could get out of both in SLI was 970/1940/2150 with 1.137v:


Pretty impressive considering that it performs much better than a GTX 580. You can check this thread out, ignore the driver review and check out the performance in single and SLI mode:


The GTX 580 cost twice as much as the GTX 460 in SLI. The other disapointing factor is that you cannot do TRI SLI and the VRAM limitation. The card/s are pretty amazing for 1080p and I'm sure it'll do quite well in 1200p, however due to the VRAM it may not be ideal for resolutions that are higher, 1440 and 1600p.

If you're looking for something cheap, want to water cool it, and play at 1080/1200p then this is one of those cards to consider.

Gainward GTX 460 Golden Sample 1GB

"Gainward have been around as a company for over 25 years. However it's perhaps in the last decade, since their merger with Palit and the explosion in the PC Hardware market, that they've been a big name amongst the enthusiasts. Their "Golden Sample" range was one of the first regularly overclocked and updated manufacturer variants of reference design graphics cards, regularly winning awards and being near the top of the performance charts. Although many of us know them from many moons ago, most of you will know them from the last generation of graphics cards in which they produced many versions of the Radeon R700 cards and especially the nVidia GTX280 and GTX285. The Gainward "Goes Like Hell" edition was certainly one of the most up-front names since the Mitsubishi FQ. No you don't need a trip to your urologist, just the desire for a good performance product. For the current generation though they have been a little quiet. But now they are back with a bang, both on the marketplace and here on Overclock3D.net, with the GTX460 Golden Sample." Read more here: http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/gpu_displays/gainward_gtx460_golden_sample_review/1

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