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GAMDIAS HADES - Optical Extension:

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Pros: Lightweight, Stylish, 7 programmable buttons, adjustable for all hand sizes

Cons: Software can be confusing at first

I love the GAMDIAS HADES. It is an excellent mouse.

The box is very stylish and gives a view of the mouse.

Many of the specs are listed on the back. Some notable ones are 3200 DPI, interchangeable side panels, and 7 programmable keys.

Included in the box is the mouse itself, the side panels,

Here are some pictures of the mouse itself.

The USB connector looks to be gold plated

Comfort 5/5
An interesting feature GAMDIAS has brought with the HADES is the interchangeable side panels. This allows the mouse to be customized to fit any hand size.

As you can see the mouse come with magnetic indentations where each of the three different sized side panels snap into.

The smallest size fits snugly inside the indentation and does not protrude. It can be very difficult to remove though.

The middle size (pictured previously in the review) fills in the mouse and does not add much width.

The largest size makes the mouse much wider.

I personally use the medium size on the left and the large size on the right. This molds to my hand and keeps my pointer and middle finger directly over the two buttons. The moues is very lightweight, and the weight can't be adjusted. It glides very nicely over any surface due to the slippery pads on the bottom.

Software 4/5

The software, called HERA, looks visually appealing, and for the most part, performs well. It allows 7 of the keys to be reprogrammed (The DPI key is fixed). You can make macros utilizing keyboard commands, mouse commands, or even mouse positions. Also customizable is the Cursor speed, Vertical Scroll Speed, Double Click Speed, DPI Level, and Polling Rate. There are 5 DPI levels that can each be set to values from 200 to 3200. The max polling rate is 1000Hz. The scroll wheel also lights up and has 16.8 million different color possibilities.

Despite all the features, the software feels unfinished. Some settings may take a while to figure out how to use. I'm sure as GAMDIAS grows as a company, their software will improve.

In conclusion, the GAMDIAS HADES is an excellent mouse and will retail for $59 MSRP. It doesn't overwhelm you with buttons on every available surface. It clean and can conform to any hand size. The only thing lacking is the software, and it is still relatively good. I would recommend the HADES to any PC user looking to upgrade their mousing experience. It has the perfect balance of elegance, performance, and power. I give it a 4.5/5.
GAMDIAS HADES - Optical Extension:

GAMDIAS's new gaming mouse "HADES", which has two wings on the sides, brings you the most comfortable gaming experience.

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