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GameCom 377 Gaming Headset

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Pros: Good price point, Comfortable, Decent Sound, Fold away mic

Cons: Some weak parts, Slide out mic

After having my Logitech G35's break on me like most seem to I went on the hunt for a new headset for music and gaming without breaking the bank and went with the Plantronic 377's. They pack some good features for their price point and my comparisons will be with some of its biggest rivals including the G35's, Steel Series Siberias and so on. Ill break down the Pros and Cons in more detail

Good price point
As i said this headset for the price you pay has some great features and although its not top end stuff its pretty good for the money. I Plantronics fixed some of my problems I have with it I would be recommending this to everyone I know

This headset surprised me with how comfortable it was. I have a pretty big head and ears and I though the pads would push on my ears and cause them to hurt but they sit inside the pads and the pads are very light and soft. Im not sold on the fabric but it does the job and it doesnt annoy me enough to be a problem. The headset is also very light making it easy to have on your head for extended periods of time.

Decent Sound
I say decent because your not getting the best quality sound. Your not getting the 7.1 surround of the G35's and they pack little bass but otherwise they are crisp and clear enough to listen to music and immerse yourself in games. The sound reflects the price though and if this was a higher end headset I might be abit disappointing but for this level it is pretty good

Fold away mic
The fold away mic on this headset is pretty good. Unlike other headsets this one has a recess for the mic to sit in hiding it out of place until you need it. This means you can take them out and about without looking like a complete looser.

Some weak parts
Now this always seems to effect me with my large head and this headset isn't much different. Just recently after about 1 year of use one side cracked when I went to put it on. I have just put abit of tape over it and its fine again but it still seems it has that weak point when the headset it extended out

Slide out mic
You may be thinking didn't he say this was a pro? Well actually the mic has 2 parts the fold down part and then the slide out part. The slide out part extends the mic out towards your mouth. It works fine until that one time when you try to push it back in and it bends over on itself and warps and makes it hard to ever slide in properly again. Like most things simply leaving it extended works fine but it just seems like another part to break and I would of much preferred 1 longer solid mic not a solid part and an extendable bendy part.

Overall this headset is very comfortable for people that like to be at a computer for long periods of time and have small heads. As I said if they addressed some of my problems with it this could be a awesome head set but I have to give it an average mark just because 2 parts have partly broken now and thats abit annoying. There were still a few small niggles but they were specific to me and not very big at all so I left them out. Still if you have a small head or want a gaming headset on a budget don't look past the Plantronics GameCom 377
GameCom 377 Gaming Headset

Plantronics GameCom 377 Gaming Headset GAMECOM 377 86

BindingPersonal Computers
Feature6.5 ft. Cord, 3.5mm connector
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Weight1.15 pounds
List Price$59.95
ModelGameCom 377
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameCOMPUTER
TitleGameCom 377 Gaming Headset
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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