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Gentoo GNU/Linux


Pros: emerge, customizablility, EXACTLY what you want it to be

Cons: Takes some time to set up

A GNU/Linux distro that respects your freedom and ability to do things yourself. You compile every program from source using a powerful tool, emerge. It is very stable if you know what you are doing, as with almost any other Linux distro, and takes very little disk space. Compiling everything from source speeds up everything you do, although not by very much, every little bit matters. Installing Gentoo takes some time, but is very easy using the handbook found on the website. You even build your own kernel custom tailored to your exact needs. I would recommend Gentoo to only advanced users and for systems like laptops or servers. Using it on a desktop computer is fine too, but the lack of games or windows programs is a big problem for some (I know overclock.net likes their games). Just try it out for yourself and see. This should really help a lot. Remember to read the manual
Gentoo GNU/Linux

Gentoo is many things. It is a community-based distribution of Linux. It is a package management philosophy. It is also a non-profit organization. It is also a breed of penguin.

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