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Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 AM4 AMD X370 RGB FUSION SMART FAN 5 HDMI M.2 U.2 USB 3.1 Type-C ATX DDR4 Motherboard


Pros: RGB fusion, steels slots, dual: BIOS, LAN, AUDIO, USB, PS2 con, metal gold plated jacks, x8 fan headers, Ultra Durable quality, Aorus look, price.....

Cons: No Wi-Fi, VRM heatsink need to be bigger and there is not heat pipe, BIOS need way more options, only 8 pin +12 CPU power, M2 spot + no cooling...


All this thing in this review are the main reasons why i did go for Aorus K7, instead of ASRock Fatality Prof. Gaming the other board i did consider, or ASUS ROG CHVI....
This is the most completed board from all AM4 boards. It have so many features, no other brand can offer + Gigabyte`s great build quality that is known from years to come.
The board have so many, many, many futures, overall build quality for its price is ridiculous. Even the damn box of the K7 feels premium that only confirm what i say, Gigabyte don`t cheap on their boards/cards + they have very good support.

Main Futures/ Options

RGB fusion
The board have ton of led is like disco, or some DJ party is very nice, no other board have that nice party feeling to it if you are up to it. it can change the whole concept of the system, is all black, and in the next moment can be black + at least 10 colors you can adjust via smartphone or APP center is insane. But if someone don`t like the RGB it can turn it off, and the board will have classic no lights style with all matte black + stylish metal slots like a gun or something from designer.

Dual technology
This product have many dual things on board.

Dual BIOS is life savior as we all know now Zen processors are still in not the final state of bioses, AGESA, memory settings and more, so we update very often the bios and if something get wrong we will have big problems, here it comes the x2 bioses on the board that can help us a lot and save us time, nerves and more headbanging on the wall, this is one of the very best futures of the board that only Gigabyte offers today..
Dual gigabit LAN is very nice future as well to have + both chips are very quality and the very best on the market now Intel lan and Rivet Killer E2500 + Bigfoot Killer software that helps to manage pings, and network load times very nice future to have as well. You can plug second LAN cable on the second lan card and to put the ping to absolute minimum, or use one of the lan cards, and the second one to stay as backUP lan card is very useful..
Dual Audio the board is equipped with x2 Realtek ALC1220 chips, that future can make the computer even more useful x2 audio streams, ofc the sound quality is not the greatest but is still very acceptable. Bcuz Gigabyte know as well that realtek are not the best of the best, they pared the x2 codecs with Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5, this software from creative makes miracles when you play movies or games, still not very good for music, but is ok for the price of the board i think they did all things on the best possible way, there was easy way for Gigabyte to put creative audio chip + other audio components, but that was going to affect the price on negative way of course, so i think that was the best way + there is the option to buy discrete audio such as Xonar Essence STX II or Creative SB ZXR..
Dual USB even the USB onboard are duals, x2 USB 3.0 headers and x2 USB 2.0 headers that provides even more options to the whole system when installed, not many boards have that options on them.

The Style
The MB have one of the best styles all over on AM4 socket, the only one that looks better is the MSI titanium, but im fan of the black line so i like more the Aorus look. The PCB is all matte black that just make it to look like some tuxedo, or some expensive gem, with all metal slots and all metal gold plated jacks the look on the board becomes even better. Aorus is the only line of AM4 boards that offers premium feel, only they use all the way metal plated jacks, instead of the ugly metal + plastic that i found as ugly as hell and add cheap looks to the other brands. The chipset and VRM coolers look amazing, brushed aluminium + the Aorus branding all are so well made that makes people to be like wheee.gif . The overall look of the board is very stylish it can be on 2 modes max style or max DJ party with RGB all over the place. The board can be turned on white lights meaning it still be very stylish, or when they are completely off you can enjoy the looks of it the good old fashion way. I can say for me the board look like some tech designed by some famous designer that did give his best to make the board look the best way...

The bios is not the best one, but it get the job done. Not much options or fine tuning options, and the K7 still manages to get on par with ROG CHVI on max OC on CPU or memory, or even LN2 overclocking, meaning the board is not bad at getting the max possible clock speeds of your chips.... Me and other people don`t have problems to get 3200MHz, some of them even x4 stick of 32GB total DDR4 memory on that board, that just show the board in very good light. My experience with K7 board is all the way good, and im impressed how stable it works, no crashes, boot problems or memory incompatibility. The bios seems stable enough at this point F4, as Gigabyte provides s decent amount of updates, while other like asus don`t provide much updates, at least not betas... My board is running 3 months now and is rock stable, no problems whatsoever so i can say it is nice board. I will like to see Gigabyte adding at least 30% more options in the bios, bcoz now seems like uncompleted in bios part.

More Futures/Options
LED diagnostic display that shows error codes, and helps, there are even x4 diagnostic leds, that light up on major components CPU, RAM, VGA, BOO, this is very helpful if there is some problem...
Turbo B-Clock this chip allow users to adjust the system FSB and tweak even more the whole system, no all boards have this chip...
NVMe this U.2 port uses faster protocol to transfer data sata 3 SSD drives can get way improved speed over this connector, it can be very useful to have, not all board support this future as well..
PS2 connector, is nice to see they did add this so old port, i use it to connect my old trusty IBM Model M and to write all this here. PS2 allow users to use they favorite old mechanical keyboards, or even mouses, it make the install of windows 7 possible, without doing nothing more then just connect the PS2 mouse to the port.
G-Connector is one of that futures i always did enjoy seeing in a board package, still is not like the ones on ASUS ROG series, is a bit buggy, but is still very useful to have, the installation of the case front panel is so much easy with that connector...

The Software/APPS
The APPS/Software is very well made, the Creative X-Fi MB5 provide descent movie and gaming sound, for music is ok, not the best. It adds more bass to the sound, it have special mode that helps you to hear enemy players in shooter games such as CS, it have also modes that help to watch movies at night and make the movies speech clear, really nice software. Killer Bigfoot software helps to manage internet traffic and manage pings, and programs very useful and good to have.
Gigabyte APP center this is the best software for the board it offer 24 different apps that are very useful, some of them are still bugged, but overall i like how they did the whole software. The SIV have inside the Smart FAN 5, this app is amazing, it give 110% fan control of the board to the users. The auto mode have x4 options, quiet, normal, turbo and full speed, but i don`t really like them simply bcuz it just ramp up all the time the fan speed when the CPU reach bigger temperatures, and when it become cooler the fans are become on lower speed, meaning all the time it makes really annoying noise that can make everyone mad. Now the advanced mode is the treasure here it give you absolute control on every fan header, at the very moment i have all the speeds i like from 20% rpm up to 80%, making the computer run quiet and not ramp/down the rpms all the time. Of course above 60c the fans will become so much louder at max rpm, but on 50c the system is so quiet only the HDD is the thing i can hear, great software. The SIV have also calibrations of the fans and info about the % and the correct RPM of the fan at that percentages + 7 thermal spots that report the temperatures gigabyte did go even further they add x2 thermistors for optional temperature monitoring. It have more options to record temps, voltages or fans is useful.......
The RGB fusion APP is very well made as well it have nice amount of options for the users to set up the led on the MB, the color, the style, the brightness, the speed. It have even advanced mode for every single led or temperature based mode that goes from green to red...
USB DAC UP is very useful for USB headphones, it will ramp up the sound for more power, but i think it will be better for the audio jacks on the back as well or the front audio too, not only the USB....
The fast boot app seems even nicer, but i think is bugged at the moment, and don`t boot up faster with it...
I find the USB block as very nice future, no one can use the USB if is turned on, but uninstalling the program will brake that effect....
I like the options of color for the whole Giga APP center, very nice of them to include this

The overall quality/ packaging
Gigabyte is know from many years to be superior in build quality and stability boards. I can see that just by the look only of the box it feels really premium for that price tag, solid box not cheap like was on some brand DFI LanParty for example, where the board and the box feel cheap and they are. On Aorus k7 there is not such thing as cheap all says premium and good quality product. We can see that even on GTX 1080TI Aorus is the best based GEforce card. Gigabyte use to have that high build quality, even on old slot 1 boards such as Gigabyte BX2000 they are using high quality capacitors and even dual bios that is just proof about the quality... The caps are japan high quality 10K it will take so long to see them dead, the chokes, they all are with great quality as well as the transistors they are IR based one of the very best on the market now Infineon is behind all, and that company is know to be good, they used to be and Memory manufacturer but seems today they make power components, that just show how quality is made the Aorus K7 board. The Ultra Durable quality of Gigabyte is not some marketing joke is here on the PCB of the board, all caps, chokes, mosfets, even anti sulfur resistors...
The packaging is bot the greatest, but have some useful things, like the x2 thermistors, sata cables, one RGB cable, but the most shocking for me was the SLI bridge, the damn plastic on the connectors was with steel on them lol, no one does that....
Metal memory and x16 PCI ex slots, this is really nice future to have, and all other brands have steel slots only on the x2 of the PCI slots, but none of the memory. Only Titanium board have all steel slots, but that board sucks bad on every other aspect different then steels slots + style...


The board offers much for its price compared to MSI`s Titanium or ASUS ROG. Many of us enthusiasts knows that the MSI Titanium is very bad board, low quality components, high price, no futures, no even BLCK chip. Other thing many people don`t know is the fact ASUS CHVI is not much better then Aorus K7 compared in all aspects, yes the ROG have better bios, and little more powerful VRM components, but both MB are capable of OC Zen processors on LN2 no problem. The problem on CHVI is it have nothing special inside, no futures, no nothing and all that on higher price tag, and i don`t find that as nice + most important thing is ASUS RMA support suck really bad, i did see that in first hand when i gor x2 times problems on asus boards, and their support threat me like scum, so that is BIG + on Aorus compared to ROG.... This + tons of futures on the Aorus K7 make me say proudly i know the K7 is the very best board out there, it need just a little more and it will be more then great, and i don`t say that bcoz i own K7, no i say that bcoz that are all the reasons and they send me to the Aorus K7 instead of ROG CHVI....

At the end with Aorus K7 everyone can have wide range of utility, from only one computer die to all options Gigabyte did include on the board, apps, connectors, options and more. Of course i will like to see an improved Aorus K7 or even Aorus K9 board, that offers even more things, like on intel side they have even Aorus 8 and Aorus 9 boards, while AMD is stuck only with K7 that is the same as the Aorus 5, if we don`t count the better style and the B-Clock chip...


Pros: A plethora of USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports, more than enough fan headers, dark, subdued colors, overall awesomeness!

Cons: No USB 2.0 ports (needed for installing Windows 7), only 1 M.2 SSD port, no WiFi/Bluetooth module.

This board is simply beautiful! I mean… “Look at it!” said in Arnold’s voice. :)

So many fan headers to use as well as USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports. You even have options to expand the ports with the 2 TPM connectors for even more USB 3.0 ports via PCIe.

This motherboard fantastically and aesthetically pleasing to the eye… a literal work of art! I love the combination of the glossy and matte black finish as it’s my favorite color scheme. The one thing I do not care for, though not a con, is all of this RGB LED business! I have no desire for lights of any kind on my computer and I always disable every one that I can. I am not trying to impress anyone with my PC build, I just want it to work how I want for ME; I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks about it! So much trying to show off and impress others in this society, we’ve lost sight of functionality and usability instead of appearances and looks.

Yes, I know that sounds contradictory after I mentioned the black finish, but that’s exactly why I like black… it’s in the background, it’s not ostentatious or obnoxious. It’s just calm and blankets everything in muted serenity! :D


I wish Gigabyte would keep at least 1 USB 2.0 port on this board for those of us who'd like to install Windows 7. This by far was the biggest headache for me, hands-down! Windows 7 doesn't recognize USB 3.0 since it was 10 years ago that it debuted and Microsoft has no interest in supporting it any further. So I was greeted with no mouse and keyboard functionality when it came to the Windows 7 Setup Installation. I even bought a PS/2 keyboard since there is a port on the board for it, but even that didn't work! 

After 2 days of googling and trying to slipstream the USB 3.0 drivers into the USB ISO flashdrive, and I tried several different methods and sources, I realized I should try Gigabyte. Now don't get me wrong, the first thing I did was look for the driver download for this specific motherboard, but they weren't working. What I'm talking about is a Windows 7 DVD/USB ISO Installation Tool which didn't appear under this particular motherboard on the Gigabyte website. I had to google it separately and found a tool from last year that actually worked and I could use the USB keyboard I had! 

But I wasn't out of the woods, yet... it would freeze at the Starting Windows boot animation logo, which would stay animated, but wouldn't go any further. After many many hours of research, I found that there are very particular settings on each motherboard that enable Legacy OS's like Windows 7 and disable UEFI settings that interfere with the OS loading completely. After hurdling this roadblock in a long line of tribulation, I was finally in. By the way, after getting to a certain point of the initial installation when it reboots several times, it would still hang on the boot logo and I'd have to manually restart and select the Boot Override function to finally get it completely installed. Geez! 

And by the way, I was installing this on a Samsung 960 EVO 250GB M.2 NVMe SSD, which the Windows 7 installation disc didn't have the proper drivers for it, either! So I had to make sure I got the correct drivers from Samsung and I slipstreamed those into the USB bootable ISO along with the USB 3.0 drivers.


I wish this motherboard would have a WiFi/Bluetooth module for being the flagship Gigabyte motherboard for the Ryzen platform. I mean, for the price point it's at, I don't think it's too much to ask for this and possibly another M.2 SSD port. The only other con I can think of is the lack of an integrated video interface, which isn’t necessarily the fault of this motherboard, but rather a deficit of the AM4 Ryzen processors. It would be nice to hook everything up initially and not have to worry about installing a GPU just to be able to see something on the monitor.


I highly recommend this motherboard and have been singing it and Newegg’s praises ever since I received it. Allow me to chronicle my journey in discovering about this particular board and actually ordering and receiving it.

I set up my Ryzen build on Newegg via the custom, saved Wishlist and had been researching for around a month as to which parts I should get to make the perfect Ryzen PC build. So I settled on the Gigabyte Aorus GA-AX370-Gaming 5 motherboard, but as soon as the release date of the Ryzen processors arrived, this motherboard was on backorder! I guess everyone preordered them. But my entire build was centered around this board, because as you know, you have to be very specific with the DDR4 RAM you choose as they have specific models that can be used with it.

Almost 3 weeks after I received all of my parts for this Ryzen build from Newegg, the only thing that was missing was the Gaming 5 motherboard. I couldn’t test any of the other parts until I got the motherboard so I wouldn’t know if any of them were defective before the 30-day return window closed. I was so impatient waiting for it and I called Newegg near the end of the 3rd week to ask them when they expect it to be in stock. And to my chagrin, they replied they didn’t know when it would be back in stock! I was crestfallen! Everyday was a test in patience as all of the higher-end AM4 motherboards were out of stock on backorder everywhere I looked.

So one day at work, as usual, I was combing the internet for the Gaming 5 to be in stock and I found one in Sunnyvale, CA. I’m in Phoenix and I was seriously considering driving out there for the weekend just to get that board! I knew how crazy it was, but I didn’t care as I was desperate to test my components out to make sure they weren’t defective as well as being eager to overclock the Ryzen 7 1700 chip. But I persevered and stayed where I was, finishing the day, gritting my teeth in anxiety. 

I decided to visit, once more, the review area on the Gaming 5 motherboard and the most popular negative review caught my eye. One guy was complaining that it had a BIOS update, but it was for the Gaming 7 motherboard, not the Gaming 5. That’s the first I had ever heard of the Gaming 7! I googled it and discovered an article on Tom’s Hardware that called it “Gigabyte’s AM4 Flagship” motherboard. Again, I didn’t even know it existed so I decided I wanted to see if Newegg listed it, but I knew there was no possibility of it being in stock. So I looked and lo and behold... IT WAS IN STOCK!!!

I was actually shaking, because I knew it could disappear if I delayed too long so I quickly tried to see if the Corsair Vengeance 2666MHz DDR4 RAM I already bought was compatible with it and it was. So I added it to my cart and went to checkout where I had to choose the shipping method and pricing. 3-day shipping was the soonest I could get it to me and that was $17.00. But since I had already spent well over $1,400 on this Ryzen build, I felt it prudent to patiently wait for it to arrive, so I selected the 4-7 day $0.99 shipping option. To my surprise, it came 2 days later via FedEx!!! I was ecstatic and thanked Newegg graciously, reminding them if they keep this up, they will surpass Amazon; because this was even faster than their Prime shipping service!

Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 AM4 AMD X370 RGB FUSION SMART FAN 5 HDMI M.2 U.2 USB 3.1 Type-C ATX DDR4 Motherboard

Supports New Generation AMD Ryzen Processors Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs Turbo B-Clock, Built-in Advanced Performance Tuning IC Fast 4 USB 3.1 Gen 2 with USB Type-C and Type-A 2-Way Graphics Support with Dual Armor and Ultra Durable Design NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 U.2 Connector Ultra-Fast M.2 with PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA interface Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5 support Dual ALC 1220 with Front & Rear 120dB SNR HD Audio with Dual Smart Headphone Amps Killer E2500 Gaming Network + Intel Gigabit LAN USB DAC-UP 2 & 4 Front USB 3.0 Ports with Adjustable Voltage RGB FUSION with Multi-Zone LED Light Show design Swappable Overlay for Accent LED Smart Fan 5 features 9 Temperature Sensors and 8 Hybrid Fan Headers 2 External Thermistors Headers with 2 Included Thermistors GIGABYTE UEFI DualBIOS. ATX Form Factor; 30.5cm x 24.4cm

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureSupports New Generation AMD Ryzen Processors Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs Turbo B-Clock, Built-in Advanced Performance Tuning IC Fast 4 USB 3.1 Gen 2 with USB Type-C and Type-A 2-Way Graphics Support with Dual Armor and Ultra Durable Design
ModelGA-AX370-Gaming K7
MPNGA-AX370-Gaming K7
TitleGigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 AM4 AMD X370 RGB FUSION SMART FAN 5 HDMI M.2 U.2 USB 3.1 Type-C ATX DDR4 Motherboard
Item Height3.14 inches
Item Length13.18 inches
Item Width10.62 inches
Package Height3.19 inches
Package Length13.39 inches
Package Weight3.6 pounds
Package Width10.91 inches
PartNumberGA-AX370-Gaming K7
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement889523009239
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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