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A Review On: Gunnar Weezer Advanced Computer Eyewear

Gunnar Weezer Advanced Computer Eyewear

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Pros: Fairly comfortable, Very light-weight, helps filter out horrible omnipresent blue filter, reduces glare from pure white on screen, slight mag is cool.

Cons: sub-optimal fit (for me), discolors images (can be good for games, but is terrible for photoshop and such).

Overall, they do indeed "enhance" the screen viewing experience.

Personally, I'd have picked a different frame that fits me better (and I'd love to try the clear lens color option as I do work with photos and digital art), and they're not perfect, but they more or less do what they're designed to do.

If you understand what they're designed for and are still willing to drop the somewhat large amount of cash needed to buy one of these, I'd say go for it.


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