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A Review On: HAVIT® X1 Red Light Waterproof Gaming Keyboard

HAVIT® X1 Red Light Waterproof Gaming Keyboard

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Pros: Price, design, looks, customisation, media keys

Cons: None

This keyboard is absolutely excellent - I received it for review and I must say, I've loved every single minute of it.

Before getting into it, here's my video review of it:

Build quality:
The build quality is above average for a $40 keyboard, although when compared to other keyboards (such as mechanical keyboards), the quality of the keyboard can be seen as "inferior"
The keyboard itself has a little bit of keyboard flex, due to having a plastic construction, that said, the keyboard is very light and thus can be very much taken in a bag and transported around.

In the description of the item, you'll be able to see that they mention mechanical keyboards. Despite this keyboard not being a mechanical keyboard, its noise and to some extent feel to it, is very reminiscent to a mechanical keyboard. With that, it is actually quite loud as far as keyboards go. I feel as if it sounds like a Ducky MX Blue Switch keyboard. So this gives you an idea of the noise it makes when you're typing on it with pace.
As far as keys go, I felt that the touch of the keys is nice - they're light on touch and have an excellent feel to it. Despite the above of me stating they SOUND like MX Blues, their touch feels like Cherry MX Reds.
I also tested this keyboard gaming on Battlefield 4 - and was really surprised on how good it was. I had no problems with ghosting and was able to press a whopping 10 keys at once, without any problems. This means that holding certain combinations will be picked up by the OS.

What I love about the keyboard is that it hasn't been compromised in features. The keyboard has full media controls, and certain quick-launch items - such as emails, calculator and internet browser. It even has a WinLock feature, which is usually found on gaming keyboards.
I just love the attention to detail, at such a cheap price.

Design and looks:
I think again, this keyboard reminds me of a mechanical keyboard. The looks are very nice. You have a backlight (red, blue and purple) with different intensity settings and even a setting that cycles automatically through them; you also have the black keys on a white finish, which gives it a nice unique look. I've seen modded mechanical keyboards, where they paint their black keyboards, white - and this really reminds me of it.

The design is also very simplistic. You have your Fn key and dedicated light key to do your certain combinations (ie media controls). Even the CAPS, Num Lock and Scroll Lock light is not intrusive, and has a soft blue glowing light.

Overall the looks and design are excellent.

I really have grown to like this keyboard. If HAVIT made a mechanical keyboard, I'm sure I would buy it. The X1 is an excellent stepping stone for more interesting products in the keyboard domain. I use the X1 every day at work, and fall back on my trusted Logitech G710+ at home. The difference to me is night and day - but the typing experience and feel is very close indeed.
So, top marks to HAVIT for creating a lovely product that works absolutely flawlessly.
Note: Some PC's won't switch off the backlight automatically as they have an ERP functionality (USB power, after power OFF) - thus do bear that in mind, when buying a backlit keyboard like this one - and by that I mean, make sure you disable the functionality in your BIOS, so that the keyboard "turns off" with your PC.


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