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A Review On: Hayate Otsu Soft L Japan Violet | Samurai Gaming Mouse Pad (Made in Japan)

Hayate Otsu Soft L Japan Violet | Samurai Gaming Mouse Pad (Made in Japan)

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Pros: Quality, superb tracking

Cons: Pricey, edge may be rough for some

Artisan Hayate Otsu

Having recently ordered the Hein from Artisan (see Hien Review), nothing was different with shipment or packaging from the time before. Only this time I ordered Artisans self deemed "new flagship" mouse pad, an improvement to their previous raved Hayate released in 2012, the new "Hayate Otsu".

Hayate Improvements listed directly from the website
• HAYATE clan common high total performance
• Differences of glide of vertical and the horizontal are less than a HAYATE
• Enhanced ease stop than HAYATE
• Improvement versus tracking performance than HAYATE
• Improvement of wear resistance

When first laid down upon desk it immediately laid flat which is reminiscent of Artisan pads. Refreshingly delightful not to have to go through a flattening ritual. I knew this was possible, other manufacturers should take note. Home run.

Starting with bottom of pad upon turning it over its made of high quality, dense soft rubber that's evenly cut and is consistent across the entire foundation. When laid down on desk, a slight press across the entire surface creates a suction that sticks to your desktop immediately. This becomes pronounced when you hear the 'peeling' back sound when you remove the pad, yet no sticky residue. Home run.

Onto what I was anticipating was hopefully the surface not as abrasive as Hien. Placing my palm flat onto the surface it was evident this was a again polyester based, tightly woven cloth but I did not have the 'plastic' feeling I got off the Hien. In essence it's softer to the touch, has more cushion when pushing down with finger.

After six days of using it daily with my ZA12 I had no issue and nothing to get used to after the Hien. Otsu is soft to the touch, though not as soft as one thinks of a soft pad in 'feel' you get from it. Artisan is different in this way.

The logo even more simplistically smaller which is found in lower right hand corner and is how it should be done. Easy home run some pads fail to hit.

Gaming I did not have the issue with abrasiveness I felt gaming with Hien. Otsu feels slightly quicker without the bumpy texture Hien has yet I did not lose any control. Sensor tracking on Otsu is as superb and no harsh feeling when fast swiping, even when most of arm lays on top of pad. Feels less resistance on mouse with up and down motion as opposed to side to side. Home run.

If I had to pick on something that might be a problem for some, is the edge of pad perhaps being a bit too stiff, though I do not find it a problem. Possible foul ball.

I haven't owned this pad long enough to discuss durability. I have not had any issues keeping it dust free. My datavac blowing it off or brushing off with damp warm cloth rag is all I've used so far and seems to work. I've read a velvet brush does well too. Previous Hayate had an issue where getting dust off is difficult. Again, not owned enough and I like keeping my desk immaculate. Jury verdict still out on durability and cleaning.

I took pictures showing comparisons of base and tops, see below.

Overall at this expensive price I find it hard to recommend as there are many alternatives out there for less. I do prefer using this pad over my QCK+ or Taito regardless of price, if that says something.

In summary Artisan mouse pads are a unique experience. Artisan is high quality from their materials in their pads down to the seriousness of packaging it comes in. From the point of laying it down, feeling the texture, quality of rubber base, sensor response and over all using it. If you're looking for a new "exotic" mouse pad with solid tracking and don't mind the high end pricing, Hayate Otsu Soft is truly excellence.

Click pics to enlarge and view closer at materials.


Zowie SR, Artisan Hien, Puretrak, Artisan Hayate Otsu

Otsu on top of Hien

Close up with mouse view.

Specifications (Click to show)
Surface: Dedicated special texture ( Polyester )
Middle layer: Single-bubble rubber foam by a special structure
Vertical movement of the mouse does not occur. Ultra flat surface and no void on the surface of any.
Anti-slip: Embossing - Is the perfect anti-slip of a different dimension.

L 42 x 33 x 4 mm
M: 31 x 24 x 4 mm
S: None

Hardness: SOFT


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