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HD 429S - Headset ( Ohrenschale )

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Pros: Great sound; comfortable fit; very light

Cons: Short cord; almost cheap build quality

I wanted a decent pair of headphones for Christmas, and my family was able to deliver. These low cost headphones are comfortable, light, and sound great for my needs.

Let's start with the pros.
First of all, the headphones are comfortable. The fake leather pads for the head and hears are easily broken in and well sized. The weight of the headphones is so light to the point where long listening sessions almost seem like there is nothing on my head at all. These headphones seem to grab your head quite well, while at the same time making it feel like there is nothing hugging your head at all. Overall, these are very satisfying to wear. The sound is also very clear. The base is there, but not too much. The highs are clear, but not ear piercing. The sound quality is clear and balanced for most music (although my genre revolves around 80s hair bands).

Now for some of the cons.
The cable length is a little short. This can be changed though, as the cable can be swapped. The headphones also feel a bit cheap, but they hold up just fine in everyday use. The headphones are very light, but this is at the cost of only using flexible plastic for the band construction. I don't mind, but some may feel the headphones aren't premium enough.

The conclusion.
This is my first pair of Sennheiser headphones. I love them. A good balance is struck between comfort, quality, and sound. The best part is, they are only sixty dollars (even less if you get the normal HD 429 without the microphone or swappable cord). These can be easily replaced if broken, and are well made enough to last years.
HD 429S - Headset ( Ohrenschale )

HD 429S - Headset ( Ohrenschale )

FeatureHD 429S - Headset ( Ohrenschale )
ModelHD 429 S
TitleHD 429S - Headset ( Ohrenschale )
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement##-SENNHEISER-CASQUE-504583
Item Height0 inches
Item Length0 inches
Item Width0 inches
Package Height3.78 inches
Package Length9.45 inches
Package Weight0.93 pounds
Package Width7.64 inches
ProductGroupPC Accessory
Item Weight0.48 pounds
Languages - ManualSpanish
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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