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A Review On: HIEN SOFT L Japan black | SAMURAI gaming mouse pad (Made in Japan)

HIEN SOFT L Japan black | SAMURAI gaming mouse pad (Made in Japan)

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Pros: Quality of base, warranty, great sensor tracking

Cons: Might be a bit too abbrasive for some, pricey

Artisan Hien

The Artisan Hien comes direct from Artisan based in Tokyo Japan in a thick padded, brown manila envelope, with big bold red words that say "please do not bend or fold". All Artisan pads are packaged in a white hard card board envelope that does not bend. Another card board backing was provided for extra support inside padded envelope it was shipped in. It was obvious they take sending you a flat mouse pad very seriously and do not like to bend their pads.

Laying the pad down for the first time was instantly flat. I can't tell you how refreshing this is not having to go through a 24-48 hr flattening ritual before using.

Warrantee is also pretty unique where Artisan only requires you to send them pictures of the defect damage of your mouse pad via email and once approved, they will ship you out a replacement with no need for you to ship them your damaged pad.

I ordered my new pad and it took two days to actually process my order. Once shipped only took four days from Tokyo Japan, clear customs and reach Arizona United States. Ordering is easy, packaging is impressive, with a very good warranty policy which makes me feel comfortable to purchase their products.

I can't speak for customer service but even if their English is poor it would be better than my Japanese spoken or written.

Onto the pads first step to lay it down. I find it pleasing how easy it adheres to the surface due to the suction from the bottom pad once pressed lightly which takes hold of the desk top. When pulled off, it makes a peeling sound but no sticky residue is left behind. The rubber base is as superb in consistency and density as I've found in the Zowie SR series. See comparison side pics below.

Laying my wrist and palm on it for the first time it feels more like a hard pad with slight abrasive feel yet soft when pushing down with finger. It's top pad, a polyester base is not too stiff and is flexible which feel like cloth laying on it but not so much during movement.

In terms of mouse movement on top, the pad is much faster than my QCK+ but surprisingly has more control because of the high amount of friction it gives off. After a week of use during normal mouse movements through the day, I stopped thinking about it and at some point the feeling what initially thought a bit rough went away.

Gaming is a different creature being much more active in movement the problem for me is the part of my palm, bottom right corner, that lays flat on the surface during fast swiping. The abrasiveness of the pad comes back, no matter how long I game I cannot acclimate to it. Seems to even give me a red irritation to skin where my palm rest in contact with mostly a palm grip on my ZA12.

I can't recommend this pad to anyone because I'm afraid you'll find it too abrasive for a cloth pad as I do when gaming. It's an expensive pad but some might find it subjectively worth it because this pad in terms of sensor tracking was superb! The response is amazing, almost enough to look past the feeling of my palm. Quality of base is above average. Hein is a fast pad with tactile resistance giving ability to stop well which is a paradox I can't explain.

Haven't owned it long enough to discuss durability nor cleaning.

I think the best way to describe the overall experience would's like driving a Ferrari with all it's speed and control but the steering wheel is a little uncomfortable when driving fast.

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Specifications (Click to show)
Surface Amundsen texture ( Polyester )
Pearskin finish. Glide is lighter than Qck.
Middle layer Single-bubble rubber foam by a special structure
Vertical movement of the mouse does not occur. Ultra flat surface and no void on the surface of any.
Anti-slip Embossing
Is the perfect anti-slip of a different dimension.
Size L 42 x 33 x 4 mm
M 31.5 x 24.5 x 4 mm
S 24.5 x 21 x 4 mm
Hardness SOFT

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Top to bottom: Artisan Hien, Zowie SR, Puretrak Click to view larger.

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