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HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing (M9L75A)

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Very cheap to operate at 2c per sheet black when using the optional 952 XL Black ink cartridges. Excellent print quality.

Cons: Expensive AIO printer, mobile app software can be buggy or not work at all.

I was in need of a new printer and found myself in Best Buy purchasing a Canon AIO printer for cheap during their “Boxing Days in July Door Crasher Special”. For under $99 (CAN) I was on my way home. The good part ends there. The printer took forever to get working, sounded like screeching tires, clunked, rattled and popped before finally shutting itself off with a very loud bang never to start again. The next day I was on my way back to Best Buy.

Being a savvy shopper I had checked Best Buy’s online flyer which had the HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 on sale for half off, free shipping and available. I ordered it in-store with a delivery in a week. The printer arrived at Best Buy two days later. Thanks, Best Buy

I decided to set the printer up for wireless printing. I wanted to go all mobile. The idea was I could have everyone in the house print from anywhere they wanted so long as they had access to the web. No more wires, no need for the PC to be on. Wireless printing did not work as advertised.

The next day I went out and purchased a USB to Printer cable. My PC is turned on again and everything now works as you would expect.

I think the problem is the App sucks, I think from a hardware point it's solid but something in the software stinks. I struggled on which HP mobile software to DL, I struggled with getting that software to run as default on my phone and tablet, even when properly configured the print jobs would just stop for no reason … or not start at all. Printing from mobile word froze the screen on my phone/tablet but the same doc (more often than not) would print from google docs. There are issues with printing from some online sources as well, where the HP mobile apps would for whatever reason not want to print.
When the HP Mobile Apps were working it was great. Pages printed quickly with no “pauses to think” during the page being printed or between pages. When you hit “Print” the operation started instantly.

The various connection settings did get confusing to me. I had no idea if the printer was using its own built in wifi direct to my device or getting its print request from my router wifi or by my cable connection to the router which is wireless to my android phone. Not that how the connection is made should be a big deal in itself but I would like to know which connection method is being used wirelessly at that moment, it would help eliminate possible culprits when trying to find out which “link in the chain” has broken not allowing my to get requested print.

That was the worst of it. Mobile printing is hit & miss.

This printer is big and beautiful

The 8720 offers features I'm not even sure I'll ever need but it's comforting to know I have them just in case. The kids like some of the novelty feature like finding coloring pages and mazes with its Web feature right from the 4.3” touch screen. The screen is bright and very responsive, The screen is no slower to swiping the screen of Sony Z5 phone which has zero lag. You can swipe down on the screen to bring down the main settings or customize the feature sets such as double sided printing on legal size paper. The default home screen only displays a few tiles which keep the screen clutter free- just the Print/Scan/Copy/Fax icons in their defaults (you can change defaults in settings) states.

Great comparison paper of the four new models for 2016

To get the Printer up and running (as HP recommends the printer to be set-up) you only need to remove the printer from its packaging then plug the power in. That's it, ready to print. It's not exactly that easy but it's also not far off when everything decides to work. The printer does not ship with a cable for a wired PC connection, HP expects you to use wireless and as such no cable is included. Go get a cable, just do it. Keep wireless reserved for “One-Off” jobs but don't rely on it IMO. Kind of a let down as this is advertised as a wireless printer.
Reading the comments on Google Play for the HP app shows that at times the app can work as advertised but HP often breaks the app causing features which did work to no longer work.
The 8720 is not the bottom end model for HP which has limited features. The 8720 is just as capable as the two higher end models albeit at slower speeds. I also like that the 8720 works with legal size documents. The 8720 can print legal size paper, copy them, fax them or scan them. Also, note the document feeder holds FIFTY SHEETS

The 8720 looks to be with me for a very long time. It does everything one could want in an AIO printer. It's modern looking which helps reduce its footprint, has clean flowing lines so I don't have to hide it in a closet and is so simple to use a 6-year-old could figure it out.

Additional notes
I will update this review from time to time smile.gif

The printer has a tendency to jam when using the document feeder. These jams are repeatable and not random. If the paper is crinkled, even slightly along the top edge the paper (and bottom edge if double sided scanning) the paper can bunch up which then stops the scan. If your document is original there is a chance that your document can be damaged while getting jammed or while trying to remove the jammed document. I have ruined one original document tearing it in half but most can be removed with minimal damage. It is very easy to unjam the machine. I did it without instructions by simply lifting the document feeder tray and pushing one tab.

The second way I've found I can jam the document feeder tray while scanning was to have a document under the standard letter size sheet. In my case, it was cheque which needed to be torn away from the full sheet. I tried to scan the remaining portion of the sheet. The scan stopped, a message came up on the printer screen stating that the paper size I was trying to scan from the document feeder was not a compatible size for the document feeder, it suggested I place the document onto the scanner bed and scan the document that way.

I put the printer through a good workout the other day. I had an assortment of documents I need to make copies of. I loaded up the document feeder tray with a large sum of various documents, some double sided, some in color (nonlegal size) and some black text/single sided. After setting up the print job using the 4.3" printer screen I hit scan. This thing was something to behold biggrin.gif The printer can move two sheets of paper at the same time, its pretty cool. I watched in amazement as the top of the printer grabbed sheets from the document tray pulling them into the machine and then sliding them back out to be flipped for a scan of the second side. The bottom of the printer was also moving paper independently to the top scanner. The printer pushed a freshly printed sheet out then sucking it back into print on the other side .... honestly, it seemed there were almost four sheets of movement at once because as one sheet was scanned and being pushed out the 8720 was grabbing the next sheet on the document feeder tray to be scanned. While the north pole of the printer did its thing the south pole of the 8720 was pushing out a completed printed document to the paper tray and grabbing a new blank sheet to be printed. The 8720 never caused the table to rock or vibrate at all. the printer was not quiet but it was no louder to my old printer just scanning a document and that old printer felt like it would collapse my desk from its rocking.
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HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing (M9L75A)

Satisfy office demands with HP Print Forward Design. Spend up to 50% less per page compared with lasers, and produce the color and black text output you need. Reduce paper use with blazing-fast two-sided printing from a printer made for high-volume offices. Get high speeds for two-sided print and scan jobs with laser-like paper handling, and preserve real estate with space-saving HP Print Forward Design. Print longer—without reloading—from an optional second paper tray. Keep business moving from anywhere in the office. Connect to devices with touch-to-print functionality. Easily print when and where you need to from your smartphone, tablet, or notebook PC—and maintain privacy. Stay productive with a large touchscreen and scan-to-network-folder-and-email capabilities that help you easily handle high-volume print jobs. Manage costs for a more efficient office with Color Usage Control.

BindingOffice Product
FeatureMain functions of this color inkjet photo printer: copy, scan, fax, wireless printing, AirPrint, two-sided duplex printing, color touchscreen, Instant Ink ready so you'll never run out of ink, and more Mobile printing: print from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet with the free HP ePrint app, easily print from your iPhone or iPad with AirPrint, touch to print with NFC capability HP Print Forward Design: advanced paper handling for business, no trays or extensions, private and hassle-free output. Advanced Duplex Capability with single-pass duplex copy/scan Spend up to 50% less per page compared with lasers. Ideal for small workgroups who need professional-quality, affordable color and versatile all-in-one capabilities Save up to 50% on Ink with HP Instant Ink: ordered by your printer and delivered to your door before you run out (optional subscription required). Use Original HP 952, HP 952XL & HP 956XL Ink cartridges to print up to 2x the pages as refills Easily manage print jobs directly at the printer. Just tap and swipe the 4.3-inch touchscreen. Ultra fast print speeds: Up to 24 pages per min black, up to 20 pages per min color Paper sizes supported: A4; A5; A6; B5 (JIS); Envelope (DL, C5, C6, Chou #3, Chou #4); Card (Hagaki, Ofuku Hagaki) One-year limited hardware warranty; 24-hour, 7 days a week Web support
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