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HP Stream 7 32GB Windows 8.1 Tablet (Includes Office 365 Personal for One Year)

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Pros: Good looking, powerful (for the price), quality build, responsive screen (However small) and great picture

Cons: Cons: Small screen, due to screen size touchscreen can be awkward, only 32Gb storage in which most gets taken up by Windows 8.1, Micro SD card slot

I will be splitting this into several sections below which will then be summed up with separate Pros and cons of each section, so you guys can hopefully get what you need out of this review.

Box contents (Aside for the tablet): You get a charger, that’s really it. All you get is a standard USB to micro USB which is used to simply charge the device through the USB to mains adapter which is also included. Something to mention but isn’t included in the box depending who you buy it from you get a free 1 year to Microsoft Office which is awesome.
• Standard USB to Micro USB cable x1
• USB to mains adapter x1
• Maybe free Microsoft Office for a year (Depends where you get it from)

Physical aspects of the device

General look and feel of the device itself: Personally I just love how the HP stream 7 looks and feels. It has some weight behind it which gives you the sense of quality if you know what I mean, and I believe it handles great in the hands with a general lovely feel to it. It’s only 7inch and is a rather thin tablet which is just excellent for carrying around. The look is just smart and simple with a very subtle sparkle on the back piece, something which I approve of.

Pros: Looks lovely, feels great, everything fits in such as buttons and ports
Cons: Non scratch resistant back, sticker located on the back with details such as the S/N on it which looks like it will start peeling.

Buttons: I feel that overall the buttons are located great, look really nice and respond excellently.
It has your standard volume control on the right hand side of the device located close to the top, which is all good and Dandy. The buttons feel nice and responsive and fit in with the device overall. The main windows logo button is one of those touchpad button type things if you know what I mean (Lame explanation I know my bad) which is extremely responsive and looks really nice and is used to bring up the metro start menu, cuz dat the b3st.

Pros: Look really nice, responsive, well placed
Cons: I honestly can’t find any

Ports: The ports that you can actually see are located at the top of the device, a micro USB and a 3.5mm audio jack. They fit in nicely and don’t look odd, that’s really all there is to say about that. However, one of my biggest annoyances with this device is the placement of the Micro SD card slot, its located inside the actual device which means you need to pop off the back to get to the damn thing, this means in order to switch out your Micro SD card you have to take it out of its case, pop of the back, put it in, put the back on and then put it back in the case, which is a really silly. The back does have a small indent in which you use to take it off so at least that doesn’t take much effort.

Pros: Micro USB allows you to plug in any ordinary PC peripherals as long as you get the micro USB to USB, placement is good for the 3.5mm audio jack and Micro USB and they fit in nicely with the whole tablet look
Cons: the Micro SD card slot is in such as dumb location
Technical side of the device

Touch screen: The screen is only 7inch and supports the resolution of 1280x800, it is HD WVA IPS with multi touch. Overall the screen in my opinion is just fabulous, it looks great and the touch screen is extremely responsive. I was watching 720P Guardians of the galaxy on it earlier and it just looks amazing, probably due to the fact it’s so small but shows colours so wonderfully (It might seem like I’m going over the top but I think it’s great).

However due to it being so small you will find yourself having issues hitting buttons and accidentally clicking on random stuff, you can change a few settings in windows to help with this.

Pros: Amazing quality, responsive, decent resolution
Cons: a little too small for my liking

On screen keyboard: It doesn’t use your standard windows 8 onscreen keyboard’ it’s more of a suited for touchscreen keyboard which you can bring up by clicking on the icon on the task bar. I personally like the little keyboard and haven’t had any issues with it, I could happily type rather long winded Essay’s with it but I would still obviously prefer a keyboard. You can find all the usual symbols and numbers need to get the job done and I think it’s great. Due to the small size you might find yourself hitting a few wrong keys every now and again but its only 7inch so it’s to be expected. If you don’t like the minimalistic keyboard it brings up you can change it in the settings to contain everything aside from the Numpad so you don’t need to click any extra button to get to your numbers and other symbols. I personally like the minimalistic one.

Pros: Responsive, nice looking, well implemented, can be switched out to a full onscreen keyboard if required
Cons: due to the screen you might find yourself hitting the wrong key

Operating system choice: It runs your standard 32bit Windows 8.1 designed for tablets which means you get different updates and jazz like that, thus allowing you to run all your usual desktop programs as long as the hardware allows it. I think it works great with the touch screen with a simple press down for right click, and dragging windows and stuff is certainly still a thing. You can have your standard Office installed, some games, watch videos and listen to music. It’s essentially a laptop without a keyboard and track pad.

Pros: Integrated well, very useful and overall great
Cons: can be a little fiddly if you have big fingers, this being mostly a screen size issue.

Performance: The HP Stream 7 has an Intel Atom Z3735G Quad core @ 1.33GHz with 1GB of RAM; now don’t have any issues doing my usual tasks which include watching Youtube videos at 1080P, watching movies and playing some basic games. It boots extremely quickly so its no hassle to keep it turned off until you want to use it. Also the Little guy isn’t bad at multitasking and you can easily use a Metro app and use the Window’s desktop respectively. Now the HP stream 7 can run a surprising amount of games, I personally have only played Duke Nukem 64 remake from steam and a few small time strategies such as Heroes of annihilated empires. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there showing it play Counter strike Global offensive, Half life 2 and even Fallout 3 so it’s not that bad but I wouldn’t use it as my personnel gaming machine but it is nice to have a tiny PC that can support a few fun games. It uses eMMC as its primary storage meaning the operating system and anything installed on that drive runs great, but you will have to get a High performance Micro SD card if you want to play games form that instead.

The fact it only has 1Gb of RAM can really hold you back but what do you expect from the price? Basically don’t have tens of thousands of Google Chrome tabs and you’ll be fine tongue.gif

Pros: Decent processor performs amazingly considering the price, can play quite the amount of games
Cons: Only 1Gb of ram holds you back

Battery: The battery isn’t bad, and it isn’t anything to call home about. I think for the price it’s a great battery, you can easily get a solid 4 hours out of it but the up to 8 hours battery life claim is just a lie. I personally think the battery holds up just fine.

Pros: When it isn’t being stressed it lasts a good amount of time
Cons: You put this little guy under stress and don’t expect it to last more than 2 hours

Storage: As mentioned above it comes with a 32Gb eMMC storage which truth be told isn’t that great in terms of space as you mostly get a free year to Microsoft Office. I only have Windows 8 and Office installed on that drive and I only have 15Gb left, this isn’t too bad however it could be better. You can expand the storage officially with a 32Gb Micro SD card, but I have seen people use 64Gb ones without any issues, so I don’t know the deal with that. If you wish to play game from your SD card then you are going to need a high performance one with good read/writes which could be a lot more expensive.

Pros: Fast operating system drive, expandable storage
Cons: Only 15Gb left after updates and Office installed, you require a High performance Micro SD card if you want to load things quickly from it

Overall: All in all I think that for £100 this is an amazing quality product that is absolutely great for people who want a tablet and simply can't afford the high end ones, or for someone who needs a tablet that can support windows based software with ease. This tablet in my eyes is the best tablet I've ever had and I've had a few Android's and iPads, If you need a tablet look no further that is all I can say.
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HP Stream 7 32GB Windows 8.1 Tablet (Includes Office 365 Personal for One Year)

HP Stream 7 5701 Tablet

BindingPersonal Computers
Feature7-inch Display (1280x800) Intel Atom Z3735F Processor (1.33GHz) 32 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory
TitleHP Stream 7 32GB Windows 8.1 Tablet (Includes Office 365 Personal for One Year)
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementK4F52UA#ABA
Item Height7.34 inches
Item Length0.39 inches
Item Width4.25 inches
Package Height3.2 inches
Package Length9 inches
Package Weight1.05 pounds
Package Width5.4 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
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Item Weight0.77 pounds
OperatingSystemWindows 8.1
LegalDisclaimerSuitable for adults >18yrs
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