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iKan Corporation 144 Bulb On-Camera Bi-Color LED Light Black, (iLED144)

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: dimable, bi-color, battery or DC power, includes chargeable battery & charger, bright, clean output, great wide coverage

Cons: so far no significant cons

Build Quality:
Nice hard plastic body that feels considerably sturdier than other cheaper and even some more expensive small LED panel lights. The knob to adjust light intensity works throughout the entire rotation of the setting unlike the Lite Panels light that is a lot more expensive and when turned on, the light itself doesnt start until after the power knob has been turned half way around. The included magnetic diffuser is also nice and strong protecting the LEDs very well while also serving as an effective diffusion to soften the light up. It offers a nice integrated hotshoe adapter with the option to mount it to a lightstand without any extra adapters, the kit does include a mini ballhead hotshoe adapter for more control over the direction of light when mounted on top of your camera.

Performance/Light Quality:

I have tested the color rendering of the light against a white surface while using preset white balance for daylight/tungsten. With the light set to 5600K and my camera set to daylight preset the color appeared on the LCD to be right on. With the light set to 3200K and my camera set to tungsten preset a noticeable amount of green can be seen in the image which disappeared with a custom WB as well as simply changing the WB to Auto. This is not uncommon for some light sources to have favor with a certain color or even cycle colors. I did not notice any cycle of the color spectrum or banding from the light that would be more evident from a fluorescent light source. After extensive use of the light the battery indicator on the back read my level to be 1 out of 4 dots of battery left and before I charged it again I can say that there was no noticeable decrease in light output with the battery lower on charge. So far I am impressed and will hopefully be using the light at a side line post game interview if my school wins the first round of playoffs tonight in soccer.

Test Video:
While this video sadly was shot with a DSLR instead of a real video camera the light itself proved to be an excellent fill light in this situation. The temperature was very cold at this location and I was standing outside for the entire soccer game before I shot this so I am not yet able to comment on battery life as the cold weather makes batteries die faster but I was impressed overall.

The setup for this video was a Canon 7D with sigma 30mm f.14 shooting at iso800 f4 1/60 (i shot at f4 because i needed extra DOF in case they moved in and out of focus from the wind or just general swaying). The light was mounted on the hotshoe of my camera at half power just for fill light and I was standing roughly 3 feet away from them.

On a unrelated note the windscreen for my microphone performed spectacularly as you can watch the hairs on the microphone get blown around by the wind.


also used as some fill in this quick video http://youtu.be/CVqyjYiK6sU

Overall Opinion:

Extremely impressed after further usage. For the price and quality its considerably superior to the lights that are $100 and less and definitely hold up well and even out perform some of the higher priced lights that are over $350
iKan Corporation 144 Bulb On-Camera Bi-Color LED Light Black, (iLED144)

On-Camera Dual Color LED Light

BrandIkan Corporation
FeatureWide Angle Beam Pattern Tungsten to Daylight Switching Intensity Dimming On-Board Battery Indicator Stackable Mounting Option
LabelIkan Corporation
ManufacturerIkan Corporation
PublisherIkan Corporation
StudioIkan Corporation
TitleiKan Corporation 144 Bulb On-Camera Bi-Color LED Light Black, (iLED144)
Warranty1 Year
Item Height3.5 inches
Item Length13.5 inches
Item Width8.5 inches
Package Height3.2 inches
Package Length12.2 inches
Package Weight2.1 pounds
Package Width7.8 inches
UPCList - UPCListElement847983002986
Item Weight1 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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