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In Win Case, Black (303 BLACK)

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Pros: Two chambered design, great airflow

Cons: ppaaaiiinnnttttt

Today I present to you fine OCN people the In win 303. This is a special kind of case, I wouldn't say a first, but it almost is. It takes the dual chamber design and does something we haven't seen very much. It's dual chamber design reminds us of the Enthoo Primo, but with usable fan mounts on the chamber wall. What does this offer? Solid top, solid front and very, very clean look, even cleaner than a Define case. (Yes, that much). Now, let's just right into the details of this case.

Thank you to In Win for this opportunity!

General Specifications

With space for 7 * 120mm fans (no 140mm fans, but two and possible three can be modded on the top mounts!), this unique, dual chambered case has great potential for airflow going from the bottom to the top.

The three bottom fan mounts already have some reputation for not being friendly with radiators and I think it was not In Win's intent to serve such purpose. The three top fan mounts can well equip a radiator with fans, but be careful to not get a very thick radiator. I didn't specifically measure, but I would assume one would not want to use more than a 50mm thick radiator, which is still not too bad. The sole rear 120mm fan mount can possibly hole a radiator also, but be sure to check the width because it's located very close to the I/O portion for the motherboard.



As with all In Win products, but box comes very well identified and packaged. The case itself is in a black protective bag. I've seen the same type of bag so far on their 805, 303 and 509. The case is protected by eight big foam corners which keep the case very well in place.


OH LOOK A DOG! ... first thing we notice is my precious In Win reflection selfies. These are due to the fact that this case has a full tempered glass side panel, which I feel has the best mounting mechanism I've ever seen. (Yes, I dare say it). Let's move on to the rest of the outside of the case shall we?


The front is clean, it has everything in the same left side with everything illuminated with the light blue color. ('cept the reset button)


On the rear, we see the exhaust grill, it's a design In Win introduced with the 805 (correct me if I'm wrong). I like it. It offers great air flow, while not leaving much in sight. The reflection makes it look like there's not enough paint, but I assure you it's even. Here anyways...


The rear is clean. (did I mention how much this case is clean?) The case features 7 expansion slots and one 120mm fan spot.


The bottom is coarsly filtered with rubbery grill. It's great to keep the big stuff out, but you'll probably need to dust regularly (you should anyways)


The whole glass panel is removable by pushing this button, it's so easy and works so well, I'd like to see more cases with tempered glass use something similar. It's also clean. (again)


This is, I think, the only thing negative I have to say about the case. If you check closely, by the I/O shield bracket, you can see a lack of paint. The good thing is that you're most likely going to have a fan that covers 90% of it.


Sweet, check that out! As a whole, the interior is great, you see straight away the three top 120mm fan mounts, two SSD caddies and front I/O connections. Let's dive into specifics.


The two included caddies has three spots. This means you can in the way you like! Under the first caddy slot you see some sort of rails. This is actually a rail to mount a bracket which will help hold the graphics card, it's a genius way to help us prevent GPU sag, which is very present on most cards.


Black heatshrink covers all the but the USB 3.0 connectors. The USB 3.0 connectors are SATA style wire, which is nice, I find it much less bulky than the big round used often.


With a slight undershot view, you see where the cables are supposed to go through. This isn't exactly obvious when looking from the front. Basically right above where the RAM usually sits.


The clean front has a nice square theme going. All surrounded by light blue LED illuminated portions. All of it lights up.


More of the rear side panel with the mesh we've seen on numerous In Win cases, this is for the exhaust. It's not very retrictive, which is great. The panel itself has cushioning pads to prevent air leaking back into the case and to prevent vibrations.


With the way the case is laid out, cable management should be a breeze. Two 3.5" caddies are seen on the back, which makes for the total of 4 drives out of the box.


All the hardware is labelled and a nice colored case user's guide is included.


So this is a clean case, with two chambers, that offers great aesthetic possibilities, but there's one thing that this case doesn't have that all others do. Fan(s). Yup, this case comes with no fans. Why? How many of you, will actually be using the included fan(s)? Personally, with a tempered glass case, I hope you're going to be getting great LED fans. In Win to meet the price (under $100) needed to cut corners and I think this is a great move from them.

I give this case the following results

Aesthetics - 9/10
Features - 8.5/10
Costs - 9.5/10
Quality - 8/10 (looking at you paint)

Total of 87.5%! If the paint was 100% fine, it would've scored 92.5% instead, it's just overall a great case!

Next review - In Win 509!
In Win Case, Black (303 BLACK)

The 303 BLACK Mid tower chassis was crafted out of quality SECC steel and a tempered glass side panel that can be removed with just a press of a button. The internal design has a PSU chamber at the top for easier installation and tidier cable management. Also, the dual chambered design adds more cooling options to go along the top of the case to remove the heat through the ventilated steel panel. The 303 is capable of housing plenty of hardware, but even has metallic supports for longer graphics cards. The clean front panel has flushed ports on the front IO that's backlit for easier connectivity even in Dark settings.

BindingPersonal Computers
BrandIn Win
FeatureDetachable tempered glass side panel/remove by pressing button Top PSU chamber with ventilated side panel for high Air flow/tidy cable management Metallic video card holders to support longer cards Flushed backlit strip for Easy connectivity (2 x USB 3.0 / 2 x USB 2.0 / Audio front Ports)
LabelIn Win Development Inc.
ManufacturerIn Win Development Inc.
Model303 BLACK
PublisherIn Win Development Inc.
StudioIn Win Development Inc.
TitleIn Win Case, Black (303 BLACK)
Warranty2 Year
Item Height18.8 inches
Item Length19.6 inches
Item Width8.4 inches
Package Height14 inches
Package Length24 inches
Package Weight28.75 pounds
Package Width23 inches
PartNumber303 BLACK
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement827955019693
Item Weight24 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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