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Intel Core i5-4670 3.4GHz LGA 1150 Quad-Core Desktop Processor

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Fast, Single core performance, Gaming FPS, Price for performance, Boost on non-K

Cons: Heat even on non K

To start this review off I am going to direct it with in-game results on some of the later games. This review is to be taken from an amateurs perspective. I have a non biased view since I have been an AMD user my whole computing experience except for this processor.

Many of you are going to ask, "Why did you purchase the i5-4670 NON K version." Well in short term, I have no intent of overclocking, or any need to overclock. I literally enjoyed saving $20 buying the non K version and spending that money towards something else; I can tell you that I have been extremely satisfied. I am going to break this review up into simple non-super nerdy talk and give it to you down to the point.


Synthetic Benchmarks
It is rather pointless for me to do any synthetic benchmarks because there are tons and tons and tons on the i5-4670K which is the SAME chip as the i5-4670 just with an unlocked multiplier. Here I am going to go into some details that most people might overlook. The i5-4670 has the already decent boost mode which takes the chip from 3.4Ghz to a nice 3.8ghz on all the cores. I see tons and tons of people who say "I think I will overclock in the future but no more then 300 or 400 mhz well, the chip already does that from the stock speed. Remember this is on the NON-K version of the chip. For those of you who don't want to invest in the fancy world of Aftermarket cooler whether it be water or air $60+ then I see you don't have a lot of intent in overclocking. So why would you spend that extra $15-40 depending where you live, to purchase the SAME EXACT CHIP when you aren't going to use the advantage of the unlocked multiplier? Crazy I know! I am going to post the futuremark synthetic benchmark of the i5-4670 and the i5-4670K just for the giggles ^_^. i5-4670 http://www.futuremark.com/hardware/cpu/Intel+Core+i5-4670/review & i5-4670K http://www.futuremark.com/hardware/cpu/Intel+Core+i5-4670K/review yes they are both at the standard speed (default settings so boost is on) they are both the same! OFMHFJKHSKDSJG WHAT!? lol.
Now instead of showing fancy graphs yada yada and comparing stuff I am going to throw it to you how I have experienced it from a competitive/casual gamer. Just a little run down I have to play at 60FPS limited by my 60HZ monitor yes I know I need to move to South Korea or Japan and go 1440P wink.gif. ANYWAY! - My old rig which I just swapped from AMD because of the benchmarks and say so that intel has better FPS with gaming I believed it didn't for the longest time well... because I had AMD! I mean no one in their right mind is going to say I spent $170 on something that isn't good. Now AMD Chips Vishura and other lines are great my FX-8320 @ 4.4Ghz dominated for a lot of applications especially rendering in AUTOCAD programs etc that would actually use all 8 cores. When it comes to gaming though I noticed less then adequate FPS even with my brand new GTX 770 I was like whats going on? This is the example I love to give because it was the very first thing that I did when I got my new i5. On battlefield 3 on canals there is a spot if you are by the railroad bridge going up the slope toward the crates it lagged like HELL with my FX-8320 even with my GTX 770 like on ultra and 1080P it would drop into the 53-56 range which was ABSURD to me! I got the new rig build same everything else but MB and Processor and what do you know I go to the same spot same amount of people 32 players, and my FPS using render.drawfps 1 in the tilde ` I was running at 85-90 FPS. The amount of shock was so drastic that I ran around looking everywhere just to see what my FPS were the increase was amazing! Now with other games I didn't necessarily notice a big increase in FPS I noticed more STABLE FPS. I think the misleading idea people give with AMD vs Intel is that "If you buy this intel processor you are going to gain 50 FPS in every game! No not at all some games run the new FX line better then the intel line. All I am saying from results in multiple games on the highest settings my FPS were much more stable as in not dropping out and making the games unplayable at certain times. I believe that is the more powerful usage of the cores in the game as all games don't support for say 8 cores which they probably will in the future! As I see it now though intel has been a great change for my situation and I do see the significant stability with intel compared to my AMD setup.
So to conclude this review I am going to tell you this. If you do a lot of rendering ( autocad,movies, art, compiling, encoding etc...) and are on a budget pick up one of the nice FX series chips you are going to be able to utilize the full capabilities of the chip. If you have a little more money to throw around then pick up an Intel i7-4770K or something with a bit more power, maybe even the i7-4930K they both will do you good especially in the hall for rendering.

As for gaming, in my experience I highly recommend an intel chip as it pulled the minimal FPS up and increase FPS stability in the long run much better then the FX series chips. I suspect this is because games from 2011 - Now (most) don't utilize the full capabilities of the 8 core chips. Until they do I am going to have to say that for gaming Intel is holding the lead pretty strong even for a little higher premium.

This concludes my review for the i5-4670 I hope I didn't bore you guys to tears let me now what you think in the comments section thanks for reading!
Intel Core i5-4670 3.4GHz LGA 1150 Quad-Core Desktop Processor

Series: Core i5 L3 Cache: 6MB Manufacturing Tech: 22nm 64-Bit Support: Yes Integrated Memory Controller Speed: DDR3 Virtualization Technology Support: Yes

Model NumberBX80646I54670
ClassificationProcessors - Desktops
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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