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Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz LGA 1150 Quad-Core Desktop Processor

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Pros: On average, faster speeds; Adaptive voltage; z87 Chipset; AVX2

Cons: Voltages needed while overclocking wildy varies; Steeper OC learning curve; Adaptive Voltage; Hot

I'm going to put a summary here and put the in depth stuff in the link later on. Haswell IS on average, faster than Ivy or Sandy Bridge once you factor in the IPC improvements. I assume you're overclocking. The results vary a lot as the amount of voltage required at a clock varies a lot. It is truly a lottery more than ever with this one. Haswell can tolerate a bit higher temps than older chips but they run much hotter as a general rule. There is a problem with the CPU (the glue used inside) that may be fixed by a proper delidding. Also not that Linpack  is a stress test for Haswell using Avx2 instruction set, blowing up the temps way above even other stress tests.


Adaptive voltage allows the CPU to sip power when not under load. This is good for longevity and power savings but comes at a price. If you do synthetic stress test under adaptive your voltage will implode. It takes much more to learn how to overclock this CPU well, so head down to my guide link below if you're interested. Some people just tried to tweak vcore and multiplier and raged in frustration. Don't be that guy.


In terms of price? Ehh. It's ok. The price isn't really higher now than when Ivy first came out but that doesn't mean you can't get an Ivy or even a Sandy for secondhand on the cheap, but you miss out on z87 chipset.


Below is a selection Q&A from my Haswell Overclocking Guide.

If you want to learn how to overclock Haswell, my guide has you covered. It also contains a Google Doc with all the Overclock.net members' OC settings charted.




What is Haswell?
Haswell is the forth and latest-gen cpu line out for consumers. Of all the ones released the two of most interest are the 4670k and the 4770k (~$220, $330 respectively). These are the two unlocked versions of Intel's line of CPUs. This means we can adjust the core multiplier for overclocking later. It has IPC improvements over Ivy Bridge, meaning a 3.5ghz Haswell will typically beat a 3.5ghz Ivy Bridge. take that into consideration if you get a lower overclock. Its integrated graphics are of no concern for the PC enthusiast as you will end up buying a discrete graphics solution. Of course, the 4770k is an i7 with hyperthreading and the i5 does not have that. There is no shrink this time; the manufacturing process stays at 22nm. This is the tock in the tick tock model from Intel.
What is this USB 3 error I heard?
There were some issues with sleep mode and USB 3 slots on some motherboards at the very start. The problem was caught and as far as I can tell, no consumers have been complaining about USB 3 issues and the vendors assure us that the issue has been fixed already.
What socket is this chip?
This chip is a socket 1150 chip. You will not be able to use the same motherboard from any generation ago. You will be able to use the same cooler if it worked with the 1155, however. This includes the popular Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo, Noctua D14, etc.
Why the motherboard change?
This is due to power changes in the CPU. Some parts relating to CPU power control have been moved from the motherboard to the CPU. This allows for more advanced power states for the CPU. Mean note that while CPU power draw as a whole did not decrease at peak by that much, that some elements of the motherboard have been moved to the CPU causing the overall power consumption of the system to decrease as a whole.
What about chipsets?
The chipset of concern is the new z87 chipset. It allows for more 6gb Sata connections... for a total of 6. Up to 6 USB 3.0 ports will be available with native support. Typically you will find PCI 3.0 slots. Please note that a x8 PCIE 3.0 is equivalent to a x16 PCIE 2.0 slot. Ram is typically supported up to 3000mhz DDR3. In addition to all of these benefits, the onboard audio has been updated to the new ALC 1150 standard. Although the specifications are superior, please note it's the total integration of the technology that dictates the end sound quality.
Any info on batches?
There are the Malaysian batches and the Costa Rica batches. I've listed all the results from other people down in the graph later in this thread. I noticed no major difference between batches however I have not heard of a seriously bad Costa Rica chip yet. It may be due to the fact those are still rare. It's hard to figure out how well a CPU will overclock if you don't overclock it, but one very dodgy way of doing it is to check stock VID.
What about delidding?
Unfortunately, Haswell comes with problems of its own that would be fixed by a proper delidding. Please note that delidding may make your CPU harder to sell again and it may be dangerous if it goes wrong. The glue used to hold everything together left some room under the IHS or integrated heat spreader. You can use the razor blade method but I recommend the vice method as it is much safer. Please watch videos on it and ask around for more info before attempting. If you do something stupid, you've just broken your CPU. It doesn't happen all that often, but do be careful. I recommend going over to the delidding page for specifics but the very quick rundown is to clamp the CPU onto a vice, and hit it with a wooden block so the top metal part of the CPU pops off. Remove the gunk, add your choice of applicant... Coollaboratory is well regarded for this task. Thin layer. You can expect a good 10C decrease in temps, maybe more. Go to http://www.overclock.net/t/1313179/official-delidded-club for a nice guide on delidding.
Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz LGA 1150 Quad-Core Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-4670K Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80646I54670K

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