a i5 price, a i7 performance

A Review On: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz LGA 1150 Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz LGA 1150 Desktop Processor

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Pros: faster than a i7, a cpu that is very good to overclock

Cons: runs extreme hot, like a neclear reactor

This cpu is very affordable if your budget is limted, but you need a very powelful cooler like a phase change cooler to verclock to 5.5-5.6GHz


What benchmark/trial were you using that has this i5 being faster than an i7? Are you saying this is faster than a i7-920, which would be true, but this chip isn't faster than an i7-4790K.
Maybe faster single-threaded than a lower-clocked i7 with more cores???
It isn't so hot at stock settings, though, is it? High temperatures are more-or-less normal for Haswells; my i7-4790K does get pretty toasty (according to its temperature sensor) on my Thermalright Macho 120, if I try pushing it a good margin beyond stock speed, but yet the exhaust doesn't actually feel all that hot.

Even a Pentium G3258 can register high temperatures on a good cooler, but the exhaust barely feels warm in the least. I say it's probably safe to push it, as long as you're under 80C load. 60C is good (if not great) for a Haswell.

I'm pretty sure this is attributed to the thermal paste (as opposed to solder) that these processors use on the die. Even my i7 hitting 80C has cooler-feeling exhaust than my FX-8320 did at ~60C, that definitely sounds like a matter of thermal paste.

Also, 5.5GHz is a pretty high overclock, to say the least.
It get faster than a i7 in some benchmarks if u buy a powerful open loop cooler, but it got 100 C when i run watch dogs with 44X on a seidon 120v plus
My goodness...well, I sure see what you mean by hot. I'd have to push my i7 rather hard to get to that temperature, I'm getting right around 80C at max on air at 4.4GHz or so. Strange. Are you using automatic, motherboard-selected voltage, or have you manually set it? That sounds like you've got too much voltage going through it or something.