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Intel Core i5-4690K OEM Quad Core Processor (3.50GHz-3.90GHz)

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Pros: Improved TIM, Decent Silicon (compared to older haswell 4670K)

Cons: TIM wasn't improved that much

CPU history: 3570K, 4670K & 4690K.

Good Side:
Both 3570K-4670K got delidded to save temps but the 4690K was advertised to have improved TIM so we don't have to delid anymore. This cpu hit 4.5ghz without needing to do any modding the CPU which is great when you want warranty. Also it was told that the Silicon is able to hit higher clock speeds compared to older haswell and with that being said I only gained 200Mhz overclock compared to my old haswell.

The only thing that makes this CPU amazing is price/performance for gaming. You are gonna hit 4.5Ghz with decent cooling making it even faster. Buy this if the price is good and you just want a gaming rig!thumb.gif

Bad Side:
This processor TIM is not a major difference compared to older haswell. Sure its cooler but if you delid 4690K and add Coollaboratory Liquid Pro, temps drop down even more so this means if you are a overclocker like me and want that extra speed... you will need to delid this again, which means warranty is gone.

Right now as of 2015:

Recommend second hand or a good retail price. $299 is standard but do some research on CPU dates codes and what dates will give you a strong cpu to overclock high speeds.


Pros: very fast cpu overclocks very well

Cons: none

i own and use the i5 4690k cpu and i must say its working out very well was able 2 overclock it 2 4.5 just on air stays nices and cool never gets hot it eats games up like its nothing no bottleneck at all cant wait 2 test it out some more on water smile.gif
Intel Core i5-4690K OEM Quad Core Processor (3.50GHz-3.90GHz)

The Intel i5-4690K is the fastest Core i5 Series processor of the Haswell Refresh lineup featuring a clock frequency of 3.5 GHz and a maximum boost clock of 3.9 GHz matching the specs of the Core i7-4770K in a way. The improved thermal design allows users to overclock the chip past these limits. Processor Number: - i5-4690K # of Cores: - 4 # of Threads: - 4 Clock Speed: - 3.50 GHz Max Turbo Frequency: - 3.90 GHz Intel® Smart Cache: - 6 MB Lithography: - 22 nm Max TDP: - 88 W Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type): - 32 GB Memory Types: - DDR3/1600 # of Memory Channels: - 2 Processor Graphics: - Intel® HD Graphics 4600 # of PCI Express 3.0 Lanes: - 16 Intel® Turbo Boost Technology: - 2.0 Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology: - Yes

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureIntel Z97 Chipset 3.50 Ghz (x 4 threads) | 3.90 GHz (x 4 Threads) 6 MB L3 Cache Intel HD Graphics 4600 Fully Unlocked Performance Tuning
TitleIntel Core i5-4690K OEM Quad Core Processor (3.50GHz-3.90GHz)
ProductGroupPC Accessory
UPCList - UPCListElement723905887292
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