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INTEL Core i5-8600K

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Pros: 6 Core Performance powerhouse for gaming

Cons: Not many in stock

So I have finally managed to get the i5-8600K and all I can say is that it is blazingly fast and more importantly without any fuss. This CPU overclocked to 4.8Ghz without me having to change anything other than the clock speed to 48...everything else was on auto!!! It also runs cool at mid to high 20's in degrees and at full load under Prime95 and Real Bench, it hits around 65 degrees! This was running on the Gigabyte Z370 Ultra Gaming.

Most people are getting 5Ghz out of CPU and I will work my way up there but for me 4.8Ghz on all cores is more than fine especailly as I worry about overclocking and getting the settings right..This just did it with one change and runs cool to boot. The Vcore (dynamic) tops out at 1.284v though I am sure if I really went all out nerd, I could probabaly drop that a bit lower.

For anyone that wants a great Gaming CPU without the fuss of getting knee deep into the BIOS for overclocking, this is a perfect CPU. Intel could have and should have allowed the Z270 motherboards to work with the i5 and i7 8 series CPU's which is a problem as you will need to upgrade to the Z370 platform.

In terms of running actual games, I play Project Cars, Battlefield and Assetto Corsa at 4k (TV) and the i5-8600K is paired with a Geforce 1080 GTX. The games have run super smooth at the highest settings with no problems whatsoever...a great gaming experience.

Finally, AMD with Ryzen have brought real compitition to this space with Intel having to respond and the 8600K does the job straight out of the box...You have to take your hats of to AMD for pushing Intel to release the 8 series CPU's.

My Setup:

Motherboard - Gigabyte z370 Ultra Gaming - Bios version F6
RAM - Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 LED
NVME Samsung 256GB SD
Case - Themaltake Core P3
Graphics Card - MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X
CPU Cooling - Antec Mercury 360 -- 360 AIO

i5-8600K Base technical specs are as follows:
6 cores @ 3.6GHz with a Turbo boost to 4.3GHz
9MB L3 Cache
16 PCIe Lanes with 24 in total on a Z370 Motherboard


While not was a concise and helpful review. Thank you.
Thanks and appreciate the comments Pudfark..
you should specify settings for Prime95 (including version and any AVX offsets), if it's AVX I don't think you will be doing 4.8GHz without cooking your VRM on the Ultra Gaming

It was probably set to 4.6GHz or less after AVX offsets
Hi AlphaC, The AVX Offsets are set at Auto at the moment. From what little I understand is that it will downclock my overclock from 4.8 to 4.6 when anything is running with AVX intructions... In regards to straightforward gaming, hopefully that should not be an issue...Realbench, Prime95 v26.6 and Intel XTU all pass without any stress. I was told by a fair few on the Tom's Hardware that I should only use Prime95 26.6 on Intel...
AlpgaC, any suggestions on your side regarding testing would be appreciated taking into account, my system will predominantly be used for gaming, office and media and light production work i.e. the occasional you tube video production especially as I will be trying for a larger overclock as soon as I get a handle on the Bios settings.
Prime95 26.6 is non-AVX. You should probably use something like Handbrake with x265 if you're using it for video production.

Default AVX offset is normally -2 (so 4.6GHz from 4.8GHz non-AVX).

IMHO If you aren't using singlethreaded / AVX apps often you shouldn't be using an Intel CPU over a Ryzen, honestly (Ryzen chips have much less AVX2 output).

You will want to keep an eye on CPU usage while stress testing runs , if it's dipping and going back up you have either CPU throttle (usually around 130W power use on non-delid chips) or motherboard throttle. OCCT has a good monitoring feature for this.

Remember to check your VRM temperatures while overclocking. The Ultra Gaming has a VRM that is made for non-delidded chips.

Those people on Tom's hardware forums generally don't really know their stuff. Tom's hardware has a few good editors and writers such as Igor Wallossek from the GPU section and Aris Mpitziopoulos from PSU Section but mostly it's an Intel shilling site (i.e. everything AMD is bad/slower per Tom's hardware) in the forums section.
Thanks AlpgaC and thanks for the OCCT suggestion..just downloaded it. I have also played around a little more with overclocking and now have it at a stable 4.9GHZ with a vcore of 1.296v...that will do for me..
Your reported Temps are great, however how did you get there?

Be nice if you included all hardware case, cooling, ect.
Hi ammagoat...Thanks for the heads up...adding to the review in a moment.