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Intel Core i7-3770K 3.5 GHz 8 MB Cache Socket LGA1155 Processor Reviews


Best bang for your buck


Pros: Speed, reliability, price, overclocking potental

Cons: TIM under the heat spreader could be better (They did fix this in the 4770k series)

This has been one champ of a CPU. You can just keep throwing any number of tasks at it and it will just continue to preform without a problem. Overclocks super easy and can hit the 5GHz zone with a good water cooler on it. Another fantastic product by Intel!

Excellent card perfect for your Z68 board


Pros: Fast. 8 threads. High stock clocks. LOW temps

Cons: Retail price compared to FX 8350 kind of sucks

Decided to switch to a 3770k from a 2500k when I found a deal for $220 from a fellow OCN member. It is a delidled chip and I personally sanded (or polished) the aluminum plate on top of the cpu die and also the side that has contact with the CPU die itself with a 1500 grit sand paper. Temps with an EVO cooler has been excellent. ON STOCK settings IDLE temps are around low 20s and Highest temp was 53 on one core. others were around 50C. This is all done with a 212 EVO cooler, forgot to mention I polished the surface of the cooler as well. Have not tried overclocking as I dont trust my "cheap($130)" Gigabyte mobo. Other than that gaming has been a joy. If you are no fan of overclocking...
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Intel Quality [i7 Monster]


Pros: Intel, Hyper-Threading, Fast, Powerful

Cons: None

-Hyper-Threading-Fast-Power-Low Power Consumption-Easy Overclock-A MonsterBuild:i7-3770k @4.4ghz on 1.220vcore - MicroCenter 229+tax 245$ On SaleAsus P8Z77-I Deluxe MB -NewEgg 185$CoolerMaster Evo 212/Soon upgrade to Corsair H60/Future upgrade to Full Water Cooling16GB G.Skill Sniper 1866mhz, Cas9/Soon upgrade 16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram 1866mhz, Cas9 -NewEgg 120$PM ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS [[SPOILER]]

It's still the best you can get on 2013


Pros: Very fast, Unlocked Multiplier, Hyper-Threaded

Cons: Heat, if you don't get a decent cooler

If you're the one with serious gaming needy, this is it. Intel Core i7-3770K is so far the best processor you can imagine. With the latest Ivy Bridge architecture, the processor is energy efficient. Even without overclock, you can play latest modern games like Crysis 3. You could expect less than 80% load even with intensive gaming. With this quad-core beast in your rig, you could play future games for a long time.

Silicon lottery


Pros: Fast, Strong all the way through, latest technology

Cons: Will get hot

I highly recommend this processor for anyone. This is a great top of the line processor and has been amazing. The only people who should not get this is people who have unlimited money and that love to overclock a machine to the fullest extent just to show how high it could go. Unless you're that person you should get this processor. It has been reported there is heat problems with the new Ivy Bridges. I have not seen my processor go over 28C with not being overclocked. Those concerns were for overclocking this cpu and I have not overclocked it yet because I have not felt the need. It is performing way above what is needed to run any game out there on its highest setting flawlessly so i...
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Very fast processor that walks the walk


Pros: V Fast, HyperThreading, Trumps AMD for gaming

Cons: Hot, not THAT cheap

I bought my i7 3770k for a mere £160 from someone who abandoned their system build - he just wanted to make a quick sale... Coming from an AMD system, this thing runs like a bat outta hell - it's doesn't slack. Definitely worth the price if you can dig deep enough to buy it, awesome for hybrid rendering and 3D work. When it comes to gaming however, this thing is in a whole new world of its own. It powers through the frames like no tomorrow, and granted that you have a good enough GPU, you will notice a big increase over the competition. Be a man, buy an i7.

Great Performance but HOT


Pros: Good Overclock Potential, Hyperthreading, Fast CPU

Cons: Heat, Standard Pricing

Great performing CPU. Ivy Bridge architecture runs way hot though, my chip can go 4.5ghz and above easy but the heat increases alot after each 100mhz after my 4.5ghz, not too mention how much voltage you need. Cooling on air with HYPER 212 Evo. Got this CPU for a steal, only paid $250. The base price is usually around $320-$330 so it is quite expensive. Upgraded from a 3570k for Hyper Threading in my applications that use more threads and I can see a difference already.

Good and Fast


Pros: -Runs very fast and stable at 4.6GHz

Cons: -A little bit hot, but its typical of an Ivy Bridge processor

-Currently running at 4.6GHz with a Corsair H80 -Was just playing BF3 about 5 minutes ago, and the processor is now idling at 31-32C(according to PC Meter) -The hottest I've ever seen this processor run was about 68-74C and that was on accident playing a really intensive game with all of the fans turned down
Totally Dubbed

Good Processor - a little pain to OC


Pros: Fast, energy efficient

Cons: Heat, voltage increases, lack of QC by intel

The Ivy Bridge technology in this processor is great, however I found that when OC'ing it was extremely sensitive, and by that I mean, with 0.01v added to Vcore, temps went up experientially (this was at 1.25v @ 4.2ghz) Got the CPU stable running at @ 4.5ghz - but it took a long time getting there, not as simple (especially by monitoring temps) as my old processor to say the least. Other than that a solid performance throughout. I should note something: When I got the processor, the fan it came with didn't work (the motor was broken) - not like it mattered much to me, but it is something to note, and really shows that for a £250 product, QC should be on Intel's mind - as it didn't...
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Fast and Good


Pros: Fast, Great multitasking,

Cons: heat

This is just a great processor. I picked one up the day it came out to throw in my new rig and it still hasn't let me down. It pumps out great gaming performance and destroys all lag using programs such as unity and photoshop. I can't really imagine needing a faster processor except for in a server. The only con I have is that it gets warmer than it's sandy bridge predecessor. That being said it is only a few degrees, and this also takes heat better.
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