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Intel Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E 3.6GHz LGA 2011

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Easily overclocked, price, preformance

Cons: Semi-Locked multi

Having never overclocked on LGA 2011, it was surprisingly easy. I looked to my good friends here at www.Overclock.net for overclocking advice and it was easy as pie thumb.gif
I don't know of others experience with this processor overclocked but with a simple BCLK ajustment of +20 I reached 4.4 ghz stable @ 1.33 vcore with everything set on auto! Granted I would be able to get that down with some tweaking but IMO 1.33 under water with max core temps of 55c whilst stress testing is just fine wink.gif
Paired with my Sabertooth x79 and 2 x Sapphire 290x's in crossfire the performance is simply amazing! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to run multi gpu's or anyone with a LGA 2011 platform. With the overclocking ability of this inexpensive cpu the next step up would be to get a hexacore but with the added price and the fact that for us gamers the extra cores don't help much except in benckmarks, it is a down the road upgrade.


Pros: Fast, fairly cheap, overclocks well

A great way to get into the X79 chipset for cheap.Has a limited multiplier (37-44x)so you have to overclock it the old way if you want to go beyond the range, by tweaking the straps (kinda like the FSB), but leaves the BClock (which controls the other hardware untouched). It overclocks well, I was able to get my chip up to 5.0Ghz under water. It's a great chip if you want to reap the benefits of X79 and also be on a socket that will have some longevity. The only cons are: it uses more juice than the i7 2600K and can be a little slower clock per clock (check the review sites for more info). But, I don't think anyone will notice the difference.


Pros: Fast at stock or OC'd and very affordable.

Cons: None

I don't need to repeat what so many review sites already stated. This is definitely a great processor on a powerful platform. Paired with the right motherboard and memory, you can push this upward of 5GHz easy.thumb.gif
Intel Core i7-3820 Sandy Bridge-E 3.6GHz LGA 2011

Get the edge you need to dominate your gaming competition with the unlocked*, unleashed, and uncompromising 2nd generation Intel Core i7-3820 processor. With a killer combination of features including Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, 4-channel memory, large cache size and overclocking*, the ultra-threaded 2nd generation Intel Core i7-3820 processor is flexible and devastatingly powerful. Add in the ability to enable uncompromised 2 x 16 multicard NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX graphics configurations and you have a platform that is unrivaled. The only thing holding your gaming domination back now is you. (*Partial overclocking is available on the 4 core LGA 2011 i7-3820 processor. Partial overclocking will allow you to adjust the core multiplier to a preset maximum.)

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