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A Review On: Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2 1 LGA 2011 Processor - BX80619I73930K

Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2 1 LGA 2011 Processor - BX80619I73930K

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Pros: 6 cores/12 threads, OC

Cons: sucks lots of power and creates a lot of heat

this is a great cpu for a workstation. I do a lot of hardware virtualization on my computer so I can always use all the extra threads the only small issue with the thing is being able to cool it, I have this cpu running at 4.5 GHz @ 1.4v and my h100 only can manage keeping it at about 82C


82C? Serious? That's dicing with death. I have mine running 4.5ghz at 1.41 volts and sitting at 36C under load. Idl;ing at 23C. I had an H100 before I customized my desk with the same rig. And it was fine. I would suggest you possibly don't have the CPU block seated correctly. Use Thermal grease!
tried reseating it multiple times I even had kyismaster take a look at it and ive been using MX-4 for TIM. I have no clue what the problem is maybe its the h100 pump?
maybe, not saying the h100 has a perfect track record, far from it, could happen, but would recommend a control subject, such as a metal heatsink to test it against, ie: frio, noctua, etc. I don't have any on hand anymore to test it though.
I had my 3930K running stable @5.02GHZ with 1.42 core volts. I had a H100 with 4 Silverstone FM121's in push-pull running at full speed. I turned it down a few notches after benchmarking to 4.8GHZ with 1.32 core volts. It has a H105 in it now and still running perfect after two years.