Astonishing Performance, even after owning Ivy Bridge

A Review On: Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2 1 LGA 2011 Processor - BX80619I73930K

Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2 1 LGA 2011 Processor - BX80619I73930K

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Pros: Very fast, Runs Decently Cool, Hexa-core

Cons: Tad bit expensive

First, I have to say, even from coming from a 3570k, this CPU was so much faster that the difference between the two was night and day. The CPU runs decently cool for being a 22nm Ivy, but still overclocks very nicely on air. I am using a Noctua NH-D14 2011 CPU Cooler and I was able to idle around mid 30's and Prime95'ed at 68°C @ 4.5GHz. This was a very nice chip to overclock with. There is still a chance to get a dud though so YMMV.

Newer games these days are making use of the extra core and hyperthreading and I've noticed big jumps in FPS as well as my minimum FPS. Games that are heavily CPU dependent will love these chips. (Metro, Total War, Sid Meier's, Battlefield, Skyrim, etc..)

Getting a chip that will overclock above 4.5GHz is a lottery. Many can do it, but some just can't. 4.8GHz is an even smaller chance to hit. For me, all I needed to do on my ASRock Extreme 6 was change the multi to 45, increase voltage to +.04v Offset, increase PLL to 1.857v (for stability), and increase VCCSA to 1.2v (16GBs of 2400Mhz RAM (some will not be able to run such high speeds), not required for everyone, depends on IMC)

Final Thoughts:
LGA 2011 has many great things to offer, even if you are already on Ivy-Bridge or Haswell. People coming from X58 will be astonished in the performance difference if they're been holding out this entire time. These CPUs won't overclock as easily as mainstream processors so more voltage may be needed than what you thought if you come from a mainstream CPU. You can find these CPUs for $350-400 if you look hard enough thumb.gif

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The 3930K is a 32nm Sandy though, not Ivy?