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A Review On: Intel Core i7-4770K LGA1150

Intel Core i7-4770K LGA1150

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Pros: High overclocking headroom

Cons: Needs delid if stress testing above 4.5-4.6 GHz

This chip is one of the better I've used, and is still relevant by todays standards, even a few years after its release. With a modest overclock it still competes with $300 chips in 2017.

It's biggest issue is its temperatures. Intel really dropped the ball on the IHS. A 100W load hitting 90c on some of the best air coolers around doesn't make sense. Luckily, delid is easy with delidding tools hitting the market.


Strong platform (LGA1150) it's too bad MB didn't offer DDR4 support with 1150 because I think CPUs could benefit with 3000Mhz + ram
broadwell 5775c beats it easily