Great Processor, Not too expensive and high performance

A Review On: Intel Core i7-4790K Processor- BX80646I74790K

Intel Core i7-4790K Processor- BX80646I74790K

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Pros: Relatively low price (pushed down by release of newer models) and high performance

Cons: Not as efficient as newer generation Intel Cpu's, also more expensive than competing AMD Models

I have to say, when I bought this thing for around £250, I was surprised at the level of its performance. Sure, its an unlocked i7 processor and you should expect good performance from it, but wow, was it a step up from my old AMD FX-8350.

Right, so the review.

Okay, so this is the Intel Haswell i7-4790k. Now, the K is crucial, as to those unawares, it means it is unlocked, and therefore overclock-able. While Overclocking has its inherent risks and can be bloody awkward at times, its a great way to squeeze a little extra performance out of a processor (or a lot, if you have a beastly cooler). This means that while it is a little more expensive in most places than the 4790, it is 400mhz faster at stock, capable of a 4.4ghz turbo boost, and you can safely push it up a few 100mhz with a half decent cooler. So I would say that without a doubt it is worth that extra cash.

There is also the added benefit of it being a few generations old now, which is ideal for a budget buyer, as the release of newer models will gradually push the price down. However, despite it being a few years old, its still a high performance and solid CPU.

Okay, here's a list of its specs, with a comparison to the competing AMD model:
i7-4790k AMD FX-9590
4 Cores 8 Cores
8 Threads 8 Threads
Frequency - 4.0Ghz - 4.4Ghz (stock) 4.7Ghz - 5.0Ghz (stock)
Cache - 8mb "smart cache" 8mb 64-way cache
Power Consumption: 88W 220W

For frame rate comparisons (bearing in mind that down to specific components mileage may vary):

Despite the perhaps misleading appearance of the specifications, in the majority of the gaming benchmarks demonstrate the i7-4790k is superior in performance to the AMD FX-9590. It is also considerably less power hungry. and therefore, for gaming purposes, I recommend it above the AMD opponent as a far superior CPU.


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