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A Review On: Intel - E2160 1.80G 1MB 800MHZ Pentium Dual Core Processor Box

Intel - E2160 1.80G 1MB 800MHZ Pentium Dual Core Processor Box

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Pros: Overclocks very well

Cons: Low cache

With luck I got my hands on one of those for 8$, for a guy on ebay, I installed it on my Gigabyte EP41-UD3L and overclocked it... Its amazing the amount of overclocking headroom that this simple processor has! Some say it can go up to 3.4ghz! And beats some Core 2 Duo Extremes! Thats just amazing... I did some benching myself, only could go up to 3 ghz, from there the computer wouldn't start anymore, I used passmark bench. The original processor scored 960 points, after the overclock I got it to 2011 Points! Thats amazing for such a cheap processor, and it can beat some Core 2 Extremes! thats insane...


They are indeed amazing!

I scored an E5200 last year for my AGP bench, and under a ghetto made waterblock it goes up to 3.73GHz!! In fact, it is the most the board will allow me to reach... But it's still overkill
I had this chip before I upgraded to i3...
I hated it so much.
I hated it with a passion.
It was ridiculously slow for me, but my motherboard could only OC it about 200MHz over stock