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Ione Scorpius M10 USB Mechanical Keyswitch Keyboard

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Pros: It's mechanical and it's black and no frills

Cons: No frills if you're a gamer and need the other cool kid stuff

Bought one of these a year ago for the shipping desk's computer back when I discovered the love and awesomeness of mech kybds and went on a buying spree for my business. OK, so we average about 10 packages a day and we are shipping every day that UPS comes by to pick up. We don't type all the customer info in on it, but this keyboard has banged out $700k in orders for our customers over the last year -- and it still is like new!

I had a not-backlit Razer that I was going to put here, but it was slightly too big for the custom made shipping desk, so then I found this one. And it's perfect. I cannot recommend this one highly enough. For me, there are only 2 choices for mechanical keyboards: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate with lighted keys if you are in intermediate lighting or this iOne Scorpius for SO CHEAP. thumb.gif


Pros: Great for budget consumers, durable, made well, standard layout, standard everything.

Cons: Doesn't come in tenkeyless, no color options. no key switch options.

I used to own a Das keyboard with cherry blues, and after I bought this keyboard for a friend, I bought one for myself and then sold the Das I owned. The stabilizers on my Das were terribly loud, and the gloss finish was more gross than it was good looking.

Either Ione/Xenics stepped up their game with these keyboards, or all the reviews on the net were done by some serious yuppies.

The stock keycaps have kept their lettering so far. Far longer than any ABS keycap I have had in the past. The stabilizers are almost silent and very sturdy, large keys are solid with no annoying teeter-tottering.

The cherry blue key switches are the same great quality as ever.

The keyboard casing is very stylish, with a semigloss graphite colored top and thick plastic base. The lock LED's are a nice blue, which isn't too bright or too dim.

If my eyes and ears didn't work, I would not be able to tell this keyboard apart from the Das I owned. However, if my ears did work, I would notice that the Das would be much louder than this keyboard because of it's loud stabilizers.

This keyboard is cheaper than those light up reebok shoe membrane keyboards you guys buy. Give it a shot.
Ione Scorpius M10 USB Mechanical Keyswitch Keyboard

Scorpius M10 is by far the best mechanical keyboard that you could get in today's market. This is a classic keyboard with mechanical keyswitch. Perfect key clicking for those who enjoyed the old days classic keyboard. There's just something nice about the feel of a mechanical switch keyboard. The tiny snap you feel through your fingertips and the subtle click you hear confirms each keystroke. It's instant tactile and audible feedback for your keyboarding. Includes USB to PS/2 adapter. this is a keyboard that will last you for ages...order them today! System requirements: compatible PC Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista

BindingPersonal Computers
BrandGlobal Marketing Partners
Feature2,000,000 Keystrokes life cycles
Hardware PlatformPC
Height1.2 inches
Length18.6 inches
Weight0.4 pounds
Width6.7 inches
LabelGlobal Marketing Partners
List Price$69.95
ManufacturerGlobal Marketing Partners
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameKEYBOARDS
PublisherGlobal Marketing Partners
StudioGlobal Marketing Partners
TitleIone Scorpius M10 USB Mechanical Keyswitch Keyboard
Number Of Items1
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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