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Killer 2100 Gaming Nic


Pros: Well made, Included software, red led lights

Cons: Can be expensive, some driver issues

Well, its not the first thing youll upgrade but when theres nothing left to buy its a great addition. Many will say its bunk.....perhaps it is but for me its an great add on for my rig. The red led lights shine in little round circles below the card or you can have them off. The card is completely incased in its own shroud of metal which is puferated for ventalation. Its a nice looking card, well build and has its name written down its side in white.

The card comes with amazing software. I was like..ya, ok, seen alot of software so i cant see myself being blown away by this but i do use it alot. My Utorrent hogging utility can be taimed as i have full control over how much bandwidth it gets or any other program for that matter. You can also monitor alot of apects of the pc. I keep it open for gaming sessions so i can go back over it and see what was happing while i was playing. You can see ping spikes, cpu/ram/bandwidth/offloading/fps and a few other things.

Now, about this card. Its hard to judge the value of it. That alone should speak volumes. My rig was built for mp gaming and everything else is secondary to that. It made sense to have one i guess. Its not a night and day difference like going from onboard sound to a nice dedicated sound card. Most say its a gimmic or replaceable with a cheaper version. Whatever, i do KNOW it performs...not like the advertising would have you beleave but there is value in having this card. BFBC2 there was a big difference when plugged into this card. You just hit everything you shoot at, it may not die but you do hit it which is much better than the shots you know you land but are not credited for. One thing about having this "cleaner connection" is that you too are much easier to hit..works both ways. Not much i can say beyond what ive mentioned alrighty.
Ive had to at times decide which component to remove while changing up my system and everytime its the killer 2100 ill go without, if i need the room im sorry to say this card is removed first befor any other component. It brings me the least value but that is not to say it has no value...just not as much as other parts. If youve got cash to blow and nothing to add to the case than this baby is for you. Wait till they go on sale as they seem to be every third Wednesday of the Month. Much better value at $60 vs the $120 normal asking price
Killer 2100 Gaming Nic

Just above the Zotac graphics card. Says Killer 2100 down the side of the card. Just below the Creative sound card Web site link: http://www.bigfootnetworks.com/

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