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Killzone: Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4)

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Please note that this review may contain spoilers

Story : Shadow Fall is your typical Killzone game where you play as a Vektan soldier and fight against the Helghast forces. After the destruction of the Helghast planet in Killzone 3, many Helghast are forced to take refuge at Vekta's own planet. However neither the Vektan nor the Helghast military forces forgot what happened before or the dangers that might take place in the future nor they enjoy living on the same planet. Overall the game had a solid story but nothing that you will remember in the future or crave about.

Graphics : Incredible for PS4 standards. The next gen is showing its power compared to the older gen. There are moments in the game where you truly enjoy looking around, especially when you see big scale cities and buildings in the background. Graphics are truly breathtaking both for single player and multi player.

Gameplay : It is another typical FPS. Killzone Shadow Fall does not bring anything new to the table but it does what it suppose to do very well. The gunfight is fun, and you can feel the power of the weapons when you fire them. You have your own OWL which either attacks or stun the enemy, defend you or be used as a zip line to a lower level. The enemy AI is not bad at all but it not extremely challenging. I completed the game at the hard mode and although at times it was a bit hard, it is really not that hard. However the developers added an "elite mode" to the single player campaign via paid DLC, and all you have is 3 life to finish the game. If you die, you repeat the level because checkpoints are disabled. This is something that can be tried for extra challenge. One of the other thing that I loved about the Killzone series, is the way you can melee the enemy forces. The way you can jump onto them with the knife, cut their throats or brake their necks never get old both in single or multi player. Be warned though, Killzone is by no means a fast FPS. Many of you will feel that the game is slow and heavy when compared to other FPS titles out there.

Multiplayer : If you can get used to the slower speed of Killzone Shadow Fall, I am sure the multiplayer is something that can be enjoyed a lot. I already put over 30 hours to the multiplayer and it hooks me up. It is not as great or massive as the Killzone 2 multiplayer but I think it does things very well. There are only 3 default classes to choose from such as Scout, Assault or Support. All three classes have their own primary weapons and abilities. All classes have 2 abilities, where you can only change the 2nd ability to your liking. Weather you want to cloak as a sniper, dispatch an air drone or a turret, build a shield, or create a spawn beacon is all up to you. Speaking of spawn beacons, you can not spawn on your teammates at all in any of the game modes. Your choices are to spawn back at your base or to spawn on a spawn beacon placed by you or a teammate. That's why sticking to teamwork is extremely essential and if you want to go Rambo on your enemies be warned that you will loose even in team deathmatch. There are not many different multiplayer modes in the game. Team Deathmatch is the most popular one and you have 3 different war zones (classic, extended and regular). The war zones contain different types of game modes combined together such as capture the points, beacon theft, beacon protection, defend or attack certain objectives etc. When played with the right people, the war zone game mode is extremely fun. But I have to remind you folks again that teamwork is extremely important. There are few other game modes like "king of the hill" and "domination" but these servers are not greatly populated. Speaking of population there are over 1000 daily players playing the game or just about 2000 people playing on weekends. The game fan base is diminishing a little bit each month and so far Guerrilla Games could not do anything to bring other players back in to the game. Most people playing Shadow Fall are the enthusiasts of the previous MP versions of Killzone series. Killzone Shadow Fall offer small maps and only have 24 players in a match. The party system works perfect and this is something that other game developers need to add to their gaes "cough DICE cough". One other thing that I want to add is the way leveling up works. The points you earn each match does not add up to your level at all like in COD or BF games. As of right now there are 2222 challenges in the multiplayer such as kill a person with a specific gun, kill 5 people with a specific gun, kill 25 people with specific gun, up to 500 I believe. Or kill 1 or 5 or 15 or 100 players on a specific map, use a certain ability 1 time, 5 times , 25 times and so on, win this game mode in this map 1 time 5 times and so on. Anyway you get the picture. So there are really LOTS of challenges in the game and the more challenge you complete, your level starts to rise up. I have yet to see someone with 2222 level in the game but there are people close to 2000. Me personally, I am level 800ish so far.

Audio : The games audio and soundtrack is pretty good. Though there are occasion audio disappearance both in single and multi player. It is not too bothersome but this needed to be addressed.

Replay Value : After finishing the single player of Shadow Fall, I would normally not want to play it again, but the Elite Mode seems extremely challenging and I can think of myself playing the game again later on just for this challenge.

Verdict : Killzone Shadow Fall is a very good game but the pace is not for everyone. If fast action is what you are looking for in a FPS than Killzone will not make you happy, however if you are ok with the speed of the game, I am sure you will enjoy both the single and multi player. Be warned though, this PS4 exclusive is not really a system seller in my opinion.

DLC : One thing great about Shadow Fall is that the map packs are and will always be free. They already added 2 maps so far and the 3rd one is on the way. There is a season pass though and so far they gave us a new class called Insurgent, a new voice pack and new finishing moves. The Insurgent class is extremely fun and it is the 4th class of the game. You start the game without any weapons, but collect them on the ground. You have two distinguished abilities called Hacking and Stealing. Hacking mode allows you to hack enemy turrets, shields, spawn beacons etc and the stealing ability allows you to steal enemy abilities once they are dead. When used right the Insurgent class is extremely fun and important. At one round I stole an enemy's abilities and I had the turret ability and deployed a turret. However the enemy team also had 2 more turrets layed around the map and I could hack them. So all of a sudden I had 3 turrets at my disposal and helping the team a lot. There are also voice packs that you can buy separately but to be fair they are not really worth the price tag. I believe the voice packs are around 5 bucks or so. You can also purchase skins to your owl, air drone, turrets. If I am not mistaken the next season pass content will be the addition of online coop of the single player campaign which I am really looking forward to.

Multimedia : A little video I put together showing Team Deathmatch moments with the official Killzone Shadow Fall Soundtrack.
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Killzone: Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4)

BindingVideo Game
FeatureA new breed of hero for a new vision of Killzone: You are Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan, tasked with maintaining the fragile peace between the ISA and the Helghast. Any misstep could see the conflict spiral out of control, taking your homeworld with it. An expansive arsenal of futuristic weapons: Command the OWL, Kellan's versatile, commandable combat drone that functions as an extension of you, dramatically augmenting your abilities and offering a host of new tactical options Tense, realistic cold war sci-fi: On a divided Vekta, one in which bitter enemies are forced to coexist, constant distrust threatens to escalate into all-out war. Discover an all new side to an ancient conflict Designed for the next generation of gaming: With breathtaking scale and the new freedoms of tactical gameplay, Killzone: Shadow Fall is a true showcase for the impressive power of PS4. The redesigned DUALSHOCK 4 further enhances the experience with its refined controls
LabelSony Computer Entertainment
ManufacturerSony Computer Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
StudioSony Computer Entertainment
TitleKillzone: Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4)
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