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Leopold FC660M


Pros: Excellent build quality, no flex, consistent feeling across all switches

Cons: Fading of WASD keys from heavy use for 6 months

Well first things first this is the Leopold FC660M, not the C for the Topre line.

Beginning with that, I was traveling in South Korea and looking around in Yongsang, when I happened upon this beauty. I was there for a couple of weeks and made a trips over to the mart every 3 days or so to see when they would have this sucker in stock and low and behold a day before I leave they finally had it. I had been looking for a TKL with Korean keys and this fit the bill.

Build Quality:This keyboard has zero flex, and comes equipped with rubber feet and also the elevated feet come with rubber feet as well. The switches are quite nice and have a consistent feeling across the keyboard. Its my first experience with Cherry MX Blue's and it has been a excellent experience thus far, in fact I'm typing out this review with it.

Design and Looks:This is Leopold's attempt with entering the miniature atmosphere keyboard market and for the most part I believe it does it quite well without much compromise. The first and foremost being that the keys themselves are quite normal for a miniature keyboard. The 2 keys on the top right can be a little out of the way if your the type to use them often. A notable and probably expected feature is that of the Fn (Function) keys. You have your F keys along the top and your Home/End etc keys. The one thing I would have liked to have is volume adjustments. Overall the keyboard is quite conservative in appeal, nothing fancy here to look at. That has its own appeal for some, and I fall under that criteria.

Considerations: Since this keyboard does use the Cherry switch its compatible with aftermarket keys, however the caps are slightly shorter than the norm. So it might be a little awkward if your using different keys without replacing all of them. One last thing to consider is that my WASD keys have begun to fade. For a Leopold keyboard with a cost of 95 USD, I found this to be unacceptable.

Conclusion: I heavily enjoy using this keyboard as my primary input device. I use it for typing out notes and a lot of gaming as well and dont have any complaints, though I am more FPS oriented. If your looking to getting into the miniature keyboard scene this could be a safe selection until you get into the more diverse offerings out there.
Leopold FC660M

The FC660 Mini keyboard brings Leopold's penchant for build quality to the forefront of the compact keyboarding trend. The ultra-compact layout allows much of the functionality of a full size keyboard through use of the Function (Fn) layer. Convenient LEDs are embedded in the Caps Lock and Insert keys and the layout of crucial keyboard functions can be modified using the on-board dip-switches. Steel backplate mounted click-tactile aka "Blue" Cherry MX key switches and new "Step-Sculpture 2" low-profile keycaps make for the ultimate in portable typing.

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