Great display with some quirks.

A Review On: LG 29UC88-B UltraWide IPS LED HDMI X 2 Monitor

LG 29UC88-B UltraWide IPS LED HDMI X 2 Monitor

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Pros: Great image quality & accurate colors, good pixel density, value, viewing angles, FreeSync support, height & tilt adjustment, curved, response time.

Cons: Terrible sound, monitor can jiggle, IPS glow, slight backlight bleeding on the top, flimsy & inaccurate menu button.

Image quality
No complaints at all. Very accurate colors, no dead pixels, the sharpness was a bit too low out of the box for my taste, but nothing a quick increase in the menu couldn't fix. A little bit of backlight bleeding on the top, but not really intrusive in general. Really happy with this.

Well... Way below average... Speakers crack regularly with music or movies or games, sound reproduction is not really accurate, it's sometimes even difficult to understand what someone is saying in a movie trailer and so on. I really want some separate speakers now, but, I will stick to using my headphones for the time being. Sound quality is great through the headphone port though, no loss of quality at all which is definitely a plus. It's the only reason the sound didn't get 1 star. It's not faulty speakers by the way. Some things sound fine, and on lower volumes the issue is mitigated. There are simply some tones that the speakers are unable to reproduce.

The monitor itself feels well built. The curve is slight but very very nice. Glad I went with it instead of the flat version. Don't think I would've liked it as much if it was flat.
The menu button feels flimsy and it's not really that accurate either. Sometimes it registers a different direction than I pressed. I really hope it doesn't give out on me. Thankfully it has software which allows you to control the monitor through windows itself.
The stand has adjustable height and tilt, which is great. But it's not really that firm, meaning the monitor can slightly 'jiggle' around if your desk itself is not stable. It can jiggle if you type too aggressively or if you game fanatically. It won't fall over or anything like that. It's more that the joint between the stand and the monitor is more flexible than it maybe should be.

Overall; 4/5
It's a shame about the sound, but most people don't really rely on the sound of their monitors anyway, so I won't downgrade the score too much because of that. The build issues are there, but are not deal breakers for most people. They aren't for me. I love the monitor and I don't regret buying it at all. It's definitely worth $300 - $350, although I'm glad a got a good deal of $250 on it.


Good review, I was thinking of pairing one of these with my work PC. Thanks.
I picked up a couple of these before Brexit hit. £265 inc. VAT. Love it. I'd recommend to anyone looking for a budget friendly entry to 21:9 w/ freesync.