LG 23" LED Monitor

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Pros: Clear, Power efficient, Slim bezels.

Cons: Poor stand, Only has tilt adjustment.

This is a decent well priced monitor that I feel is worth the price. The panel is very good but the stand leaves something to be desired.

The monitor comes well packaged in a regular brown cardboard box with a picture of the monitor on the front, with some specifications on the rear and the sides. It ships with few accessories, including a VGA cable, a power cable and a run of the mill instructions manual.

First looking at the monitor we see a matte anti glare coating covering the panel which I like to see. We have a VGA, DVI and HDMI input on the rear of the monitor along with the standard power input.
The stand is very basic as with most low cost monitors on the market. It wobbles side to side quite badly and only features tilt adjustment. It does have a standard 100x100 Vesa mount on the rear of the monitor, which I feel is a nice feature that will allow you to invest into nicer mounting solutions. There is a blue lit power button and various other control buttons along the bottom right of the monitor. These buttons are very easy to read and use. There are no inbuilt speakers in this monitor so you will need dedicated speakers/headphones.

I found this monitor good in gaming and for watching movies. With a quick response time it makes competitive gaming a little easier. Color reproduction is decent with good blacks and bright whites, making movies very enjoyable to view on this panel. Being a TN panel viewing angles are lacking, but the good color reproduction make up for this.
Brightness is a strong point of this monitor, it offers a nice level of brightness giving ease of viewing while avoiding being too bright as to cause eye discomfort over time, even in dim lit rooms.

I like this monitor. For the price it really is very good. It has a decent array of inputs, although I'd like to see a Display port. The stand is certainly not the best but it does work. Overall I feel this is a more budget oriented monitor for those who don't seek overly complicated monitor stands that will add to the price.


I have 3 of these in a surround set up. Great monitors with true color. Only 1 dead pixel out of all three of them. The dead pixel wouldn't have been a problem if it was off to the side and not in the center! Simply RMA'ed and got another.

They aren't very over clockable, only could get 1 to 80hz and the other 2 to 65hz.
Yea I have just 1 dead pixel, but its off to the top so i can never see it anyway
For those interested the monitor can be overclocked to 75hz.