LG 23" LED Monitor

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Pros: Very clear, Smooth, Slim, Efficient, Slim bezel, Looks great

Cons: Only tilts


This is a great, cheap monitor, that's well worth the price. It's good for both gaming, and movies.


While gaming it is very clear and very smooth with a very quick response time of just 5ms. When you set it to 1920x1080 the clarity is simply amazing. It was extremely pleasing viewing Crysis 2 at 1080P on this screen, even at just 30FPS.

I got it for a pretty good price here in NZ, and it came with a few extras, a VGA Cable, Power Cable and a Manual.

The stand it pretty stable, although it could be better. The screen does wobble from side to side easily, and it only has tilt, no sliding or anything.


Other than the flimsy stand, this is a great monitor for gaming and movies.


I have 3 of these in a surround set up. Great monitors with true color. Only 1 dead pixel out of all three of them. The dead pixel wouldn't have been a problem if it was off to the side and not in the center! Simply RMA'ed and got another.

They aren't very over clockable, only could get 1 to 80hz and the other 2 to 65hz.
Yea I have just 1 dead pixel, but its off to the top so i can never see it anyway