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Lg Electronics IPS235V

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Pros: Picture quality, response speed, input lag, looks, power consumption.

Cons: Purple glare in low right corner, filmsy stand

This monitor is one of those bang for the buck monsters out there. For roughly €165 you get an entry level IPS with an amazing picture quality for the price, with almost zero input lag and a decent response speed (ghosting is hard to notice). Looks pretty good, no chromed plastics, no bling bling stuff. Bezel size is also quite reduced.

Bezel size is quite reduced (19mm in the sides and top, 24mm bottom) which makes it situable for a budget IPS EyeFinity setup.

It is also relatively thin, and pretty light too.

On the bad side, there's the stand, which is way too filmsy and any slight tap at the screen, or a hit in the table will have it vibrating for good ten seconds, which is annoying if you do something else in your desk besides typing.

There's also a purple-silverish glare on the lower right corner which can turn to be quite annoying if you view the monitor from a non-frontal position, but it is only noticeable on very dark pictures. It gets better the closer to the right side you get, being almost unnoticeable from the very center of the screen.

As for factory calibration, it comes theoretically calibrated to an optimum point. This is true to some extent, as it does cover most of the gamut it is capable of, yet gamma is a bit off. Once that's done, contrast/gamma/color level tests are passed in a breeze. It has approximately a 95% of sRGB coverage (varies slightly between panel revisions), which is decent enough considering the price of the monitor.

Gaming is flawless. I have yet to notice any difference from a 2ms TN panel in terms of responsiveness. A hardcore FPS gamer will probably do, but as an all-rounder gamer, I must say I play FPS games, racing simulators, RPG games, strategy games and I'm very happy with it so far.
Lg Electronics IPS235V

23 inch, 1920x1080 entry level IPS LCD monitor from LG with LED backlight.

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