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LIAN LI PC-P80 Black Computer Case

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Pros: Huge, great airflow, Easy to disassemble and customize

Cons: BLUE LED's, heavy, may be too large for some.

So this is the third case I have owned, by far the largest. This thing is huge! Roughly 25" by 25" by 9". I had this powder coated; the anodized aluminum exterior took to it great. I also replaced the Blue LED fans with Red LED fans, and put some CFL lights in the door, but other than that, no mods so far.

Basic Hardware Info:
You can probably view this on Newegg, but I'll go into detail on what I found useful and not.

This is an all-aluminum case, dimensions listed above. PSU mounts on top (I've never mounted one on bottom, so it seems natural and fine to me).


The motherboard tray is aluminum and removable, which is useful for a novice builder or anyone, really. It will accommodate pretty much any board I've tried, including micro-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX (12" x 13") boards.

The two side panels are removable, very strong and solid. All of the screws run flush with the chassis, which is nice.

The front door houses three 140mm fans, which I have blowing air into the chassis. The door is reversible (with the obligatory screwdriver), and locks fairly well. There is a fan speed control knob right behind the door. It's simple, but it works well enough.

There is a seemingly misplaced strut inside the chassis. This is a support structure for your graphics cards (if you plan on buying this case, you probably have more than one, or intend on eventually having more than one). The plastic brackets may seem chintzy, but get the job done.

You got 'em. Upfront. 4 USB, a 1394, audio, e-SATA, and headphone jack.


I have a watercooled 1090T and 2 stock Powercolor AMD 6950's. I used to have 2 ATI 5830's, which made the case hotter, but things never got above 40C on any of my sensors. This case's cooling was just overkill for me. My dog likes to curl up next to the computer, so that's probably a sign it's in the Goldilocks zone.

I paid $375 for it, after S&H. When you spend this much on a case, you do your research. Know whether or not this behemoth will fit under your desk (barely). Know if you plan on modding it. If you just want something to put your hardware in, and don't have a lot of space demands, this looks cool, but might not be your best (or most cost-effective) option. If you need the space first, and want style second, get this.
LIAN LI PC-P80 Black Computer Case

The Lian Li PC-P80 seamlessly blends style and function in one durable aluminum case, to provide superior cooling for your high-performance components. The case comes equipped with one120mm and four blue LED 140mm fans in the front, rear and top for efficient ventilation. The top I/O panel hosts 4 USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire connector, an e-SATA port and audio jacks. The full tower case delivers huge spaces for installing an E-ATX motherboard and twelve external 5.25" bays. Two included 5.25"-3.5" adapter cages enables you to install 6 internal HDDs. all ten of its PCI expansion slots full. The Lian Li PC-P80 has everything you need to build a great gaming system today, and support your expansions for some time to come! With Power Supply: No Power Supply Mounted: Top With Side Panel Window: No External 5.25" Drive Bays: 12 External 3.5" Drive Bays: No Internal 3.5" Drive Bays: 6 (using 6 x 5.25") Front Ports: USB / Audio / IEEE 1394 / e-SATA Motherboard Compatibility: E-ATX, m-ATX, ATX

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