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LIAN LI PC-V2120X Computer Case

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #118 in Computer Cases


Pros: Build quality, elegant aesthetics, space, user-friendliness, performance

Cons: Price, CPU heatsink installation, fingerprint magnet


If you're in the market for a high-end full-tower PC case to suit all your enthusiast computing needs, please take a couple minutes to read this review of the Lian Li V2120X. I've tried to provide the most relevant information possible based on three months of ownership.

1) Lian Li build quality - this speaks for itself. If you build computers and have never tried a Lian Li, get one now. I'm not talking about a Lian Li Lancool, mind you, but a full aluminum, 100% unadulterated Lian Li. The V2120 actually takes build quality to the next level over your standard Lian Li cases. The side panels are incredibly thick and sturdy.
2) Aesthetics - part of the premium you must pay for a Lian Li is attributed to the wonderful, elegant, understated design of these cases. No blingy LED's, giant side panel fans, or tacky exterior protrusions that you'll find on the majority of PC cases. The V2120 is seriously an awe-inspiring case upon first glance. It's absolutely massive, the black brushed aluminum is beautiful and flawless, and the bullet-proof ridged front door swivels open to expose the clean front panel. Note that the V2120X has an anodized all-black interior, whereas the V2120B has the same black exterior but a non-anodized aluminum interior. The X costs significantly more.
3) Features and user-friendliness - obviously, this case is built for extreme systems. It's large enough to accommodate an SR-2 (or upcoming SR-3) dual-socket enthusiast motherboard, though I'm running a Gigabyte X58A-OC board with a single i7 970 CPU. The motherboard tray slides out the back for easy component installation (see Cons for details). Cable management holes are absolutely a must for a case of this size (and price) and the V2120 has plenty of them. They've also got plastic grommets around them to prevent the aluminum from cutting into your hands or cables. The four top USB ports near the front of the case are USB 3.0, with internal cables that can route outside the back of the motherboard tray using the included watercooling holes. Lots and lots of quiet, effective fans, including three 140mm front intake fans, a middle 140mm intake fan to cool the graphics cards, a top 120mm fan mounted in the 5.25" bays for even more intake (5.25" drive bay covers are perforated), and a 120mm top rear exhaust fan. Lian Li also includes three 120mm holes on the top panel for additional cooling, which are especially useful for a watercooling radiator. The stock cooling configuration does a great job of keeping my power-hungry components cool. Watercooling is a very viable option as well. The case can accommodate a top 360mm radiator and front 280mm radiator, which is plenty for a high-end CPU/GPU/GPU loop. Most of the case can be assembled/disassembled with the included thumbscrews, which there are a TON of.

1) Price - this should be a non-issue for people looking at high-end cases, but it's the first thing that came to mind. I "only" paid $362 shipped for this case so I'm happy. I definitely got what I paid for.
2) CPU heatsink installation - this can be tricky if you have a very large CPU heatsink. I have a Prolimatech Megahalems and it hits the top back of the case when I try sliding the mobo tray in after motherboard installation. This isn't a huge problem - just install the heatsink once the motherboard tray has already been installed. At least Lian Li includes a large hole on the tray for heatsink mounting brackets/plates.
3) Fingerprints - Brushed aluminum tends to collect fingerprints, and they don't come off easily.

The cons are all minor issues for me. I will say with 110% confidence that this is the best case I've ever worked with, and every penny I paid is justified. If you're in the market for a high-end full tower case, this should be in the top five of your list, alongside cases like the Silverstone TJ11, Corsair 800D, MountainMods (Pinnacle 24 is my favorite), and CaseLabs cases, along with a few others. High-end cases are definitely a component where you want to read up on a lot of reviews and make an informed decision. If you're someone who appreciates Lian Li aesthetics and build quality as much as function and performance, the V2120 should be a no-brainer as one of the top full tower cases money can buy.

My system:
Intel Core i7 970
Prolimatech Megahalems
Gigabyte X58A-OC
2 x reference Radeon HD 6950 (unlocked shaders)
3 x 2GB Mushkin Enhanced Blackline DDR3 1600 7-8-7-20
2 x Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB RAID 0
Seasonic X-650
Lian Li V2120X thumb.gif
LIAN LI PC-V2120X Computer Case

External 5.25" Drive Bays: 5 Internal 3.5" Drive Bays: 10 + 3 (Use 5.25" x 3 Bays) Front Ports: USB3.0 x 4 / HD Audio / E-SATA x 1 Motherboard Compatibility: Micro ATX / ATX / HPTX Expansion Slots: 11 120mm Fans: 1 x 120 mm front fan, 1 x 120 mm rear fan 140mm Fans: 3 x 140 mm front fans Dimensions(L x W x H): 24.80" x 9.25" x 25.00"

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