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Lian-li V1200A-Plus-II


Pros: Great buld quality, captive side screws, light

Cons: Non standard hard drive screws, no sound dampening, difficult cable routing.

I recently acquired this case used, after wanting it for years. I am extremely happy with my choice. With the addition of a hard drive caddy to add an extra intake fan, it has good cooling performance while looking classy.
Cons: It is nothing special compared to modern cases, and has some cons, difficult cable routing, and non standard hard drive screws, (My used using only came with enough for two hard drives, and I need to find more) Also, the open design makes it a bit louder than many other cases.
Pros: The side panels are held on with a rail system and a single captive thumbscrew each. It is a simple and elegant solution. The overall build quality is also extremely high, being a classic lian li. The looks are also unparalleled, with (in my opinion) an understated elegance.

Note: The wheels rotate smoothly, and even have a brake on the back wheels, so it will never go rolling off your desk. They look good, elevate the case nicely, and are often convenient for moving the computer and also getting to the rear ports.
In my opinion, if you can find this case at a decent price, you should pick it up! It will be worth your while. I personally will be using it for the fordable future.
Lian-li V1200A-Plus-II

The V1200 Plus II is an all aluminum case, with an inverted motherboard layout and internal compartmentalization. It includes one front intake 120mm fan, and a exhaust120mm fan. The Plus II version adds a second 120mm exhaust by the expansion slots.

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