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Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 100

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #92 in Keyboards


Pros: Wireless range, batteries duration, keyboard keys

Cons: Software support

Bought it some years ago and it is still going strong.
Mouse is a little smaller now than i would like to, but it still is of great value. Not to be confused with a gamer mouse though.
Batteries duration is awesome. Keyboard's batteries go for about 6 months with me, and mouse's for about 3. The other wireless solutions i owned i had to swap batteries every month or two.
Software support isn't that great. The keyboard's shortcuts doesn't work in their full. For instance, in windows 7 the calculator shortcut doesn't work. Volume works like a charm, and i don't really need the others tongue.gif
Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 100

Free yourself from wires with the Logitech EX 100 Wireless Standard Keyboard and Mouse. The keyboard features a standard layout with all of the functions you need to stay productive, including media controls and one-touch program access buttons. For extra functionality, the F-keys are fully programmable. You’ll love typing on the wireless keyboard, with its low-profile, whisper-quiet keys and the glossy-black highlights complement any desktop setup. The wireless mouse eliminates the mouse-drag, reducing strain and increasing productivity. Experience a new level of accurate clicks with high-definition tracking. The EX 100 mouse offers 1000dpi so your movements remain smooth and effortless. The high-performance scroll wheel makes moving through documents or Web pages easily. Installing the EX 100 is a breeze. Just plug the wireless receiver into any USB port on any PC or laptop and the hardware is ready to use. Best of all, the EX 100 features a spill resistant design to help prevent any accidents from damaging your equipment. Wireless freedom never looked this good or worked so well. Own the EX 100 today!

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureSpill-resistant keyboard means little accidents won't cause panic
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Weight6 pounds
List Price$49.95
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameKEYBOARDS
TitleLogitech Cordless Desktop EX 100
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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