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A Review On: Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse with Advanced Gaming Sensor for Competitive Play (Logitech, Inc)

Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse with Advanced Gaming Sensor for Competitive Play (Logitech, Inc)

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Pros: Light, small, good for FPS, 3366 sensor

Cons: heavy braided cord, thin mouse feet

​My overview on Logitech G Pro, a non-professional perspective of my experience after two weeks.


Personally enjoying the G900 shape, versatility and mechanical design in every area except playing FPS, I decided to give the Logitech G Pro a shot.

Last time I really enjoyed a mouse in FPS was my Savu. ZA13 came close but was a tad too narrow in the center. ZA12 was great but not really a small mouse along with its higher rear hump. Anticipating BF1 was the inspiration I needed to try it.

First Impressions

I found G Pro small, with wide enough center which allows me to claw grip with my 18cm hand OK.

I mostly have dry hands and find the shape and weight, not so much the material, that makes it OK to hang onto. A little moister from gaming perspiration and it grips even better.

I received a mint copy which did not have sensor or scroll wheel rattle. QC seems to be a hit or miss, my feelings may have been different if I had one with quality control problems.

Weight and cable

After being used to a 107g wireless G900, this wired 83g G Pro is light, even when cable drag taken into consideration. I had no problem hanging on while flicking or fast swiping though am aware of the cable presence during these movements. It's not hindering my aim when I feel it and when engrossed in a game and not thinking about it, I don't feel it at all.

The braided cable is exactly same thickness and feel of the same material as the G900. Only difference I can see is the woven braiding seems tighter on the G Pro and seems less flexible. [See Pic]

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Scroll Wheel

Soft rubberized scroll wheel is fairly quiet both scrolling UP / DOWN slow or fast. It's an impressively quiet scroll wheel where the sound is the same scrolling DOWN as it is scrolling UP! Feels good to the touch and had no problems scrolling through weapons.

Only fault I could find is the heavy force required to actuate a DOWN click on the scroll wheel button. If your using the DOWN scroll button, this could pose a nuisance for you.

M1 & M2 Buttons

Found a good spot in the finger grooves on M1 & M2 and thumb placement just touching back side button like a marker for a consistent claw grip each time I grab it. Thumb, pinky and ring finger hang onto this small nimble mouse while index and middle finger lightly rest on top. Logitech spring tension design feels nice on M1 & M2's actuation that distinctively light, quiet and crisp with good feedback.

If you one who likes heavier clicks, you'll want huano over omrons switches and won't like G Pro's unless your one that can adapt.

In general It's common for M1 & M2 button sounding different from each other yet mine are the closest, same sounding buttons I've had on any mouse! Bear in mind IMO this means absolutely nothing even if they didn't. Sound means nothing if actuation is the same.

Side Buttons

I had no issue using side buttons which did not feel to stiff or mushy. No accidental clicks with side buttons. Using it in game to punch like Overwatch was easy. No accidental clicks. I've heard some say they were stiff but I did not find this personally and I'm sure if they were any lighter it would be opposite complaint, so this is subjective.

Mouse Feet

Like G900 these are shamefully thin feet. It "almost" does OK on pads I tried like Puretrak talent, and felt like it dragged a lot on my Zowie G-SRDG. Glide did do OK on Artisan Otsu and even better on hien.

Solution can be solved and highly recommend Hotline Games replacement 0.6mm competition feet. Hyperglides soon to be released.

Actual use

Using G Pro I completed BF1 campaign and leveled to private iv. Many hours of Overwatch, CSGO, and WOW combined with 90 hours in office.

I started to feel cramping in upper wrist, down to base of my palm within the first couple hours. I almost decided to box it back up right away. I figured I'd bring the mouse to work and back home for a while to get as much use out of it before jumping to conclusion since I had 30 days anyway.

Within the first week that cramping slowly went away and turned out to be nothing more than a new muscle being used in a different position that I'm not used to.

In the beginning I'd accidentally click with flick shots or when I got relaxed going into full palm. It wasn't specific to either LMB or RMB being faulted. As my wrist cramping got better, it correlated to accidental clicking happening less; now rarely if at all.

Same thing happened when I started using my G900, only that gave me hand cramps and it took 3 weeks before I acclimated when transitioning from ZA12. Now, no more accidental clicks and I'm hard pressed to replace G900.

My 18cm hands can barley hybrid palm claw grip G Pro comfortably. I learned to stay in a claw grip rather than force a grip that this mouse wasn't intended for based on my hand size.

Can't say my aim gaming improved with G Pro but It certainly does feel better to me and with more control I have more confidence than I do with the G900, so I prefer the G Pro in FPS.

As for MMO's like WOW or my all day desktop use, G Pro is OK but can't get as comfortable as my G900 when used all day. When relaxing, it's just not enough mouse to comfortably full palm for 18cm hand without fingers hanging over buttons and accidentally clicking.

Bottom line

If your going to target the "pro" gamer or gamer who thinks they are by owning this mouse, Logitech really need to address the mouse feet and cable.

A "pro" mouse at this premium price should come with 0.6mm competition feet already and a light smooth rubber cable.

Despite this faux pas, based on what's in the market currently, I can recommend adding G Pro to your list of mice to look into IF your hand size can handle a small claw grip mouse and IF you get a mint copy you might be pleased.

The Perfect Storm

I'll be honest, I can't replace G Pro as daily main driver but I can set it aside on my desk until needed for FPS and use G900 for everything else.

Logitech software is "almost" intuitive enough to allow you have both mice active which you can select by choosing it from an icon list of peripherals.

The downside has been losing the profile on the G Pro when I unplug it or reboot system, the mouse reverts to default profile. It requires I reopen the software and click the G Pro icon to reactivate it's profile I've set. Not a big nuisance, it's an easy correction and the worst compromise I have to deal with to have two mice simultaneously on desk.

When not gaming it's easy to set G Pro out of the way and vice verse with G900 being wireless. I'm only dealing with one wired mouse and don't have two mice cords getting tangled. G900's cord off to the side, stays wireless, only used for charging and with USB dongle attached so it's also close to the mouse. [See Pics]

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? The way I see it, I'm using the right tool for the right job. Albeit at a high price and not practical, it can be rationalized for someone with a mouse fetish.

In the end, I'm pretty stoked about this 1 - 2 punch on my desk and glad I didn't jump to an irrational decision. I think G Pro is a solid FPS mouse worthy to hold onto, at least for now.

Hotline Games Competition Feet

Received hotline games competition replacement feet today. I don't have a way to measure, it looks by eye about 0.1 mm thicker than what was previously on there stock. Enough to give it clearance off the feet ridges on the mouse.

Center oval foot was a bit tricky to get on as my finger kept blocking the view. Trick is to lightly place them so you can make small adjusts before you press down.

Glide was noticeably better on my otsu so I decided to pull out my Zowie G-SRDG and it was smooth to me. Where before it dragged, now felt nice. Before my G900 was a little too heavy for me on same pad in FPS. Seemed to be harder to make slight adjustments. I don't feel that anymore with G Pro at just 83g and these hotlines. All I can think of is why didn't the feet come this thick in the first place but I digress.

The last elephant in the room is the heavy braided cord which I become aware of it's presence with certain movements. Doesn't mess with my aim but still. I'll be resolving this with a paracord soon and mod this little FPS mouse just right.

Hotline Games G-Pro Pics (Click to show)


What a difference a light paracord will do for the G Pro. The cord is so light and flexible I can't feel it regardless of movement.

Naturally you void the warranty when you remove that middle screw under the Logitech G Pro label, but it's well worth it personally. There are two screws up top on each side under feet and one in the center you can find with your finger, a soft spot that you can punch through with a screw driver and not have to remove the center logi sticker.

Greatest part about this modification is it now weightlessly glides smoothly on my G-SRDG where I have it on now.

Competition feet and paracord bring the G Pro to where a pro can actually use it, and not just because they're sponsored. whistle.gif

For the gamer like myself this 83g nimble mouse will be main FPS driver exclusively.

Final Pictures of my mouse complete! (Click to show)


Nice review!
I am getting the g pro quite soon and therefore I will buy a new mousepad to go along with it. I'm quite new to the fps genre but I am not that bad. CS:GO, overwatch and Dead by Daylight are the only games I play. I'm currently ranked platinum in overwatch (2500+ sr) and Gold nova 1 in CS (I'm only 45 h in to it). So essentially my question is, what mousepad would work well with the ''G pro'' and FPS games? Right now I am planning to buy the large QCK heavy but it's a bit expensive, what do you recommend?
iF you get a set of Hotline Games G Pro 0.6mm Competition replacement mouse feet you can place the G Pro on any pad you like and a better solution rather than getting a pad based around poor stock feet. Once you got these on it will glide well on any surface. I've got a set on the way from Hong Kong, should be here this week and will be updating this review with shots of the feet.

Other alternatives to QCK Heavy would be a Puretrak Talent (all black) or Roccat Taito Mid 5mm and should be less expensive.