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Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #11 in Mice


Pros: sensor, shape, left and right mousebutton clickyness, price

Cons: see below

Whats new:
  • the coating
    the coating is now some matte, slighty rough plastic on top and very thin rubber on the sides.
    This is not as grippy as the old mx518 design, but prevents sweat and dirt on the mouse.
  • the cable (thinner, but reinforced at the entrance of mouse)
  • sensor changed to A3090, now has no prediction. very precise little thing.
    800-3600 dpi.
  • new logitech driver. not problematic to install anymore. doesnt change mouse feeling.

The mousefeet are still the three big ones. These create too much friction for my taste. As for coating its am atter of preference.. in this case its too slippery for me.
Its also rather annoying that the mouse only has 2 native DPI steps.

Logitechs g400 could have been perfect, but its hard to meet all tastes. As such it remains a really good mouse for a great price with some flaws.


Pros: Price, smooth tracking, adjustable DPI, back/forward buttons, long USB cord

Cons: USB cord is a bit thin

This is a great mouse I purchased a couple of months ago. I find it very comfortable to hold in my hand for extended periods of time and it's weight is just perfect for me. The back and forward buttons are also a nice touch as well as the selectable DPI. The long USB is very handy for reaching to my computer case, however the cable feels a bit on the thin side which makes me concerned about it's possible longetivity.

I recommend this product. thumb.gif


Pros: Smooth tracking, improved design over MX518.

Cons: USB cord is a bit thin

After 5+ years of constant use, drops onto concrete, and years of dirt and grime buildup, it was time to retire my Logitech MX 518. I was about to buy another MX518 from amazon until I saw the G400, which is almost identical to the MX518, save for the improved DPI and the matte finish all around.

Like I said the G400 has 3600dpi instead of the 1600dpi that the MX518 maxed out to, making it more responsive. The MX518 had a glossy finish where you hand rested, making it a grime magnet after an intense 1+ hour gaming session. The g400 substituted this with a matte finish that doesn\'t attract grime at all. And finally the last point I have to make is that they put better mouse skates on the bottom. Instead of the tiny 3 ovals you got with the MX518, there are 2 large ones on the front and the back and a larger oval shaped one on the side where your thumb rests, which makes movement a whole lot more fluid and will also be less likely to fall off over the course of a few years time.

The only issue I have with this mouse is that they put a thinner cord on it as opposed to the MX518, but seeing as I\'ve only owned this mouse for a few days it\'s hard to tell how durable the cord actually is. Also they don\'t make a left hand version of this mouse, so if you are left handed, you\'ll have to look somewhere else.

If you want a gaming mouse, and you don\'t want to spend a whole lot of money, I would definitely recommend the Logitech G400. Considering it\'s predecessor is still working after 5+ years, this mouse will most likely stay on my desk for the same period of time, which is why I\'m giving this mouse a 5/5.
Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse

With a 3600 dpi optical engine and in-game sensitivity switching, the Logitech Gaming Mouse G400 gives you rock-solid performance for when your sights are set on victory. If you've been using Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse, you should definitely get the next generation Gaming Mouse G400.

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