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Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse


Pros: 3 years warranty, built like a tank

Cons: Everything else

I used a G400 for about a year and loved it, and I wanted to upgrade to a better mouse, and the G500 was the logical step up. The grip was odd coming from a G400, since I expected it to feel the same. I have big hands and I can only imagine it being comfortable with people with even bigger hands. The tracking was always jittery and sensitivity was always a bit off. Even hours of tweaking with DPI settings never made the mouse any smoother.

Traded it in for a SS Kana. Out of the box, plugged in fit like a glove. Since then I've upgraded to a Sensei and then a Sensei RAW (matter of grip preference of the RAW), and had no issues. I work at a tech store so every time I upgrade I use one of the few spare G500s we have lying around as a standby for a couple of days. Everytime I expect it to be better because of my fond memories of the G400. I keep being disappointed, every time.


Pros: high lvl of dpi

Cons: not enough buttons for macro

this was my first mouse but i gave it to my dad recently and went for the G700


Pros: Comfortable, free rolling scroll wheel capability, decent software

Cons: The cord will eventually twist itself inside the braiding and cause a malfunction.

Received this mouse as a gift from a friend for my birthday.

I'm not too hardcore of a gamer to notice the sensor placement or the acceleration issues that people disliked. I was still able to play the games i enjoy, and play them well.

I've used it faithfully since for about 3 and a half years until i started getting random disconnect issues. At first i was led to believe it was my motherboard USB ports failing because my USB keyboard would stop working at the same time. Plugging them in to a different set of usb ports allowed it to work for a little more until the issue got so bad moving the mouse to a different usb port was immediately followed by a disconnect. Whenever the mouse would begin to fail, the usb ports on that "block" would stop working until the computer was rebooted. It seems like there was an internal short inside the braided wiring.

Also the braiding split open in the middle part of the length to reveal a twisted inner wire. But the particular break that killed my mouse was the bit coming out of the body. Just angling it back and forth without pulling it would cause a disconnect.

You can buy replacement cords on ebay for $10 shipped. I went ahead and bought a Roccat Kone XTD and a replacement cord for the G500 because it felt like such a waste of a decent mouse. I know 2 other people with g500 mice and they seem to be working alright, though the cord is developing bends in places.

It's disappointing when my 10 year old mx500 still works great.


Pros: very comfortable, adjustable weight, programable

Cons: ...non

i have this mouse on my computer at work. i use it for AutoCAD and other drafting software. switching between apps, be it internet or to photoshop, all the profiles change per on top program. adjustable dpi is nice too

love it!!!biggrin.gif:D:D:D


Pros: All buttons are customizable, and customization can be saved in mouse, so LGS does not need to run in background. Excellent scroll wheel.

Cons: Lifespan very short. You can get higher DPI at nearly same price. Slight positive accel

This mouse is very accurate, and combined with a hard surface mouse pad, is very very sensitive. It responds to the slightest twitch/tremor and is very precise. In FPS, I can acquire target with pixel level accuracy without having to lift up my wrist in the process.
High DPI makes no sense if you are going to swipe it on a mat nearly as large as your screen. So get this only if you are not a swiper. Its low DPI mode simply does not feel right.

The scroll wheel is the very best I have ever seen. many mouse producers simply ignore the scroll wheel, but not Logitech. This mouse has left-right tilt buttons on the scroll wheel, although I rarely use it, and it has two scroll modes, power, and precise. Precise is extremely helpful when it comes to changing weapons in FPS, but I still find shortcuts better. On the other hand, I am addicted to power scrolling. I can see how pure gamers will not find it useful, but it is very helpful when handling long documents and web pages. Power scrolling retains the precision and with some practice I can change weapons with it too.

Beware though, this has a very slight positive accel to it, and lifespan in my experience is really crappy. Things start with the left mouse button going bad, and double-clicking everything even when you click only once.


Pros: Comfortable, adjustable weight, and many buttons, logically laid out.

Cons: None! (Wireless would be a bonus, but not complaining.)

Logitech is the brand I've kind of gravitated towards. The products they put out are phenomenal, the customer service can't be beat (seriously I've probably had 10 RMAs over my lifetime with about 8 different products, and never had a problem), and the Setpoint software has locked me in. Being able to have your buttons do different things depending on the program has become so necessary that I'll never consider another brand.

I've owned the MX Revolution, Performance MX, VX Nano, G9, G9x, G700, and G500. When I was shopping for this mouse, (I had a problem with my G9x where the weight tray wouldn't stay in) I purchased the G700 first. I hated it. The G500, while uglier, fit my hands much better. It's such a comfy mouse, and I now own two (one for the office, one for home) that I'll probably be very reluctant to switch from it. It's like the Cadillac of mice. Yeah, the Cadillac of mice.


Pros: Textured side grip, adjustable sensitivity, locking scroll wheel, side buttons, adjustable weight, braided cable, cool look

Cons: Unlocked scroll wheel is chaotic, right-handed

Great mouse. I think the adjustable weight is a bit of a gimmick, but it's probably a nice option for some. The contours of the mouse feel great, and the textured sides really do add to the feel.

Changing sensitivity with a very simple click is WONDERFUL in games (e.g. in an FPS), it really does help.

The side buttons, of course, really speed up both internet browsing and file browsing (being able to hit Back/Forward).

Excellent mouse, does everything I need it to do, been going strong for 2 years.


Pros: Plenty of programmable buttons. Very accurate. Weight adjustment can make a difference for some.

Cons: Middle click sometimes registers as scroll left/right

-On the spot sensitivity change
-freeflow mouse wheel makes it EASY to scroll through long documents and web pages.
-textured sides help for a comfy, firm grip
-braided cord won't ever get tangled. EVER!
-weight adjustment is really interesting. Play around with it until you find a sweet spot.
-setpoint is a pretty easy software to use and to customize your settings.
-logitech warranty. ANYTHING goes wrong with this thing, and they've got your back. thumb.gif


Pros: Program specific macros, auto switching is very reliable, up to 5 DPI settings, 3 side buttons, great variety of macro commands including scrolls.

Cons: Unless you're deliberate, the middle click might register as a sidescroll click. Macro app sometimes freezes, though this is rare.

This mouse's showcase is its macros. Unlike most Razer products, it can store layered keystrokes (Shift+Alt+Tab) as well as scroll wheel movements. I have a macro to switch between tabs in Firefox, this is made possible by that ability to combine keystrokes. I also have macros to switch weapons with the side button in FPS games and crouch jump with the middle button on the side. The cord is braided for those that like that sort of thing.

I have a few minor complaints which sum up to the half star off from being 5 stars, these are to be noted in addition to the main cons up above.

1. You can store delays in the macro software, but the only way to do this is to record a delay. On my Razer keyboard, I can add delays together in increments of 50ms-200ms. On the G500 there is no option to manually add a preset delay time.

2. The cord is rather stiff and sometimes catches on the edge of my mousepad and lifts it up.

3. The DPI settings are profile-specific, this is nice for when I launch a game since I don't have to manually crank up the DPI. However, I have so many profiles that I would rather just take the extra time to increase the DPI each time I game than have to constantly keep matching the current DPI setting across my profiles. Simply put, if you have a lot of profiles for different apps like your web browser, media player etc, your DPI will change to whatever you had it on last time you used that profile instead of using a global DPI setting. There is an advantage to this if you have a certain program that you need really low or really high DPI - you can edit that program's profile and move the DPI settings way down, and you won't have to give up one of your 5 DPI settings for it.

Overall a lovely mouse. It's got a nice size and fits my fingertip grip quite well.


Pros: Nice shape, Button layout is good. Adjustable weight, rubber feet stay on.

Cons: None

I have had this mouse two years now, and it is very good. Clicks like it did on day one. Still has all its rubber feet.

I would still reconmend this mouse over all others even though it is showing its age. The only other mouse I would recomend is the naga only for those playing MMO's. This logitech owns it up in FPS's. With the 2 side buttons. One to chance weapons, and one to re-load. What else do you need?

Looks good as well. thumb.gif
Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 is your weapon of choice for precision and control. Gaming-grade laser gives you game-changing precision at any hand speed (from 200 to 5700 dpi). Onboard memory lets you save and take your settings for your favorite title with you - no software required. Plus, weight tuning for personalized feel and control.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureOn-the-fly adjustable DPI gives you the right level of precision for any game scenario. Mouse also comes with 10 programmable buttons
Hardware PlatformPC
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height8.11 inches
Length2.99 inches
Weight0.8 pounds
Width8.66 inches
LabelLogitech, Inc
List Price$69.99
ManufacturerLogitech, Inc
Operating SystemWindows
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPC Accessory
PublisherLogitech, Inc
StudioLogitech, Inc
TitleLogitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse
Number Of Items1
Warranty2 year limited
DepartmentElectronics & Computers
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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