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Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse


Pros: Wired or Wireless, 13 programmable buttons, 4-way scroll wheel, Great software, User serviceable and rechargeable battery

Cons: No weight system, Scroll wheel feels flimsy, Response issues on certain surfaces

Wired or Wireless, 13 programmable buttons, 4-way scroll wheel, Great software, User serviceable and rechargeable battery

No weight system, Scroll wheel feels flimsy, Response issues on certain surfaces

The G700s is Logitech's top of the line gaming mouse. It features adjustable DPI up to 8200, 13 programmable macro keys, wired or wireless performance, and a highly advanced scroll wheel. These are just the main features. There are many other smaller features that make the G700s a great overall mouse.

Starting with the box we see some key technical specs. The keys are rated for 20 million clicks, and the feet are rated for 250 kilometers. That is pretty amazing.

The reverse shows more key features including the wired option, 13 programmable buttons, and 5 memory profiles.

The packaging itself features a window into the mouse. The inner flap highlights the hydrophobic coating. More on that later.

Included in the package is the mouse, an extension cable for the included USB dongle, a manual, and a micro USB charging/data cable.

Here is a closeup of the USB extension cable and dongle. This dongle is specifically designed for the G700s. Other Logitech dongles won't work. The mouse needs a very high data rate that only this dongle can provide.

Moving on to an inspection of the mouse itself, we see the hydrophobic coating as well as the many macros.

All the programmable buttons are visible from the front. The G700s boasts 13. This includes the left and right mouse button, the three macros by the pointer finger, four macros directly above the thumb, one behind the scroll wheel, and the 3 button scroll wheel.

The bottom features a single Sanyo Eneloop AA battery, the laser sensor, four slippery pads, and a power switch. I love seeing the user replaceable Eneloop battery. These batteries are regarded as some of the best rechargeables on the market. If the battery every fails or stop holding a charge, you can simply replace it for a new one. There are no soldered in proprietary batteries to deal with.

From a front view we see the contour of the mouse. The mouse is curved in a way that makes it only usable as a right handed mouse. We can also see the micro-USB charging/data port.

Now to the review

Performance 4.5/5
The mouse feels very high end and performs great. The macros deliver a satisfying click and are located in very convenient places. I love the wired/wireless option. You can keep using the mouse while it is charging for truly unlimited usage. I love the scroll wheel for many reasons. The first is that it is a 4-way scroll wheel meaning it goes up, down, left, and right. The left and right feature is one that is not seen on many other mice. This makes navigating WebPages very simple. I programmed the scroll wheel to go forward and backward in my browsing history. I also love the dual mode scroll wheel. For normal use it is a generic scroll wheel with tactile segments for precise scrolling but with the push of a button it becomes free spinning. This is very useful for long WebPages or documents. The scroll wheel in this mode has extremely low friction and makes fast scrolling a breeze. I would have liked the scroll wheel to be a bit firmer though. It felt loose and somewhat imprecise.

One thing that I did not like about the mouse was the surface compatibility issues I encountered. The mouse worked fine on my wooded desk, but did not work all of the time on a soft mouse pad or a hard mouse pad. I don't know what caused this, but there was a week when I would get no response from a mouse pad, but perfect response from my wooden desk. It seems to be working fine now and I think this was just an isolated incident so I won't be too harsh. It also doesn't feature a weight system. It is a heavy mouse, and many gamers like to change weight system to suit their preferences. All in all the G700s is a very high performance mouse though.

Usability 4.5/5
The mouse was very easy to use. All the cables necessary for optimum use are included. No software is needed for basic use. The mouse fits well in my hand and I would describe it as a palm mouse more than a claw grip mouse. I was impartial to the coating though. It is hydrophobic which means it repels water. This keeps the water on your hand, which may make it feel clammy. Without the coating the sweat would transfer to the mouse making it feel clammy and gross. I don't know a solution to this and this is a problem all gaming mouse face in long gaming sessions. The coating provides excellent grip, but it felt a little bit like worn out sandpaper. I much prefer a soft-touch coating, but the coating is generally fine. All the macros are intelligently laid out and easy to find. The one directly behind the scroll wheel was a bit tricky to find without looking, but after some practice it became easy. Despite these few issues, the G700s is very easy to use and easy to fall in love with.

Software 5/5
Logitech's Gaming Software is easily my favorite gaming software. It is easy to use, extremely powerful, and easy to navigate. The home screen shows the mouse and an option for automatic game detection or on board memory. I kept it at automatic game detection as this allowed for much more control and macro options.

The next window shows all of the macro options. Logitech's software provides many options for commands. You can even set up profiles for individual games. This will customize your set of macros to the game you are playing and allow you to switch between profiles when you switch games.

Finally we see the technical settings that can be adjusted including DPI from 200 to 8200 in 200 DPI increments, Report rate, and some more advanced options including power settings.

In conclusion, the G700s is an excellent mouse for the mobile gamer or any gamer who wants a wired or wireless option. It delivers great performance, amazing macro abilities, and a stylish yet comfortable design. It is slightly more expensive the many other gaming mice, but it is well worth it. It is great for gaming as well as non gaming applications. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a sub $100 mouse.


Pros: Cord or cordless, replaceable AA Eneloop NiMH battery, smooth or tactile scrolling wheel, 5 selectable profiles, great software, new for 2013

Cons: weight can not be changed, lacks "bling"

the Logitech G700s is a new mouse released in 2013. My MX518 was having a hard time maintaining the DPI settings I was using (it would randomly slow down) and with two monitors a good mouse is a must so I bought the latest mouse Logitech is offering, the G700s.

Mouse worked perfectly right out of the box, just plugged in the usb unified receiver, Windows 7 found it and installed drivers and all settings were correct. I downloaded Logitech Gaming Software version 8.50 to see what else was possible, but if you don't want to fool with additional software you can just let windows handle the drivers.

G700s has 4 buttons on the left side for your thumb, three buttons to the top left for your pointer finger, and another two buttons in the middle behind the scroll wheels.

LEDs on the left side show battery status when you click the Battery Level button (top left button) and displays the profile you're in.

One of the features I really liked was the button that makes the scroll wheel either smooth free spin scrolling or tactile. Logitech calls this a "Dual-mode scroll wheel". I am not a fan of the wheels that do not offer any resistance and freely spin, so to be able to disable that is great.

It also came with a rechargeable Eneloop NiMH battery. For those who do not know Eneloop is one of the best pre-charged NiMH batteries on the market, far bettery than offerings from energizer or duracell. The fact that Logitech chose this battery means they know a little bit about what they're doing.

There was a pop-up at the top right of the screen letting me know that the batteries were at 10%

1) there are no weights for the mouse so it can not be adjusted by weight like some gaming mouse. Not a big deal to me but it might be to some..
2) mouse lacks "bling" as in no flashing lights, no LCD screen, just three tiny LEDs on the side. Other mice in this price range have adjustable lights and some even have LCDs. I guess this saves batteries in wireless mode, but I'd rather have that stuff and be able to turn it off then not have it at all.
3) USB cord is far too thick to use with mouse. Fine for charging, not for using as mouse cord. But mouse has a standard micro USB cord popular on many cellphones so it is easy to find another cord
4) If you plug the USB cord in with Windows 7 the mouse will not function for several seconds while windows looks up drivers. Use a USB to AC adapter to avoid this

I'll update this review later when I've had the mouse longer, but so far I'm impressed



1) can the dpi adjustment button be rekeyed to something else?

Yes through included software see screenshots:

2) Are the batteries removable?

Uses one standard AA NiMH removable battery

3) How's battery life?

with regular use (internet, some gaming, etc) I'm getting about 3-4 days using the mouse's "power saver" mode and with the polling rate at the highest number available, 1000 reports per second. Not the greatest, but this is a high performance gaming mouse so a little less battery life is to be expected. To compare, my microsoft arc touch mouse gets 6-12 months from two AAA non-rechargeable batteries but that mouse would be horrible to game with but perfect for laptop bag. Plugging in the g700s overnight every few days is not a big deal. Also the AA battery is swappable so I can just take the battery out and put in another battery if I really don't want to charge it.

UPDATE - 2014

Battery dies too quickly, maybe 2-3 days at best. The cord it came with is too stiff so I bought a thing micro usb cord. Works find except when it briefly becomes disconnected for a moment and for some reason the mouse loses connectivity to the PC when switching from corded power to battery power. Cord is not connected to PC (using a AC to USB adapter) so I don't quite understand why it would lose connectivity, maybe it's switching to a lower power state? IDK, but don't buy if you're expecting long battery life.
Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse /Wireless - USB - 8200 dpi - Scroll Wheel - 13 Button(s)

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