Logitech G9x Review

A Review On: Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips

Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips

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Pros: On the fly DPI adjustments, adjustable grips, five hot key buttons

Cons: DPI button placement


The Logitech G9x is the replacement of the Logitech G9 with the only difference being the G9 had a max DPI setting of 3200 while the G9x can handle DPI up to 5700. Never less the Logitech G9x is a great mouse with five programmable hot keys and adjustable grips with the choice between a gaming grip which is a lot smaller and has a coarse grip and a web surfing grip which is a lot wider and has a smooth grip. Another important thing I should note is that is mouse is made for someone who has a claw grip and not for someone who uses a palm grip.

Another great feature that you can fiddle with on the G9x is that you can add weight to the mouse in the weight holding bay (up to 28 grams). This mouse also features adjustable LED colors.

The one thing I disliked about this mouse was the positioning of the DPI buttons because when clicking on the left mouse button you may see yourself accidently adjusting the DPI settings without your knowing which can really mess you up in a RTS game.


The G9x is a great mouse but I would not recommend this mouse to either someone on a tight budget or someone who already owns the G9 mouse because the $80 price tag does not justify the one change they made to the mouse. But if you are looking for a new mouse and have the money to burn this would be the first mouse I would suggest.


I've got the G9, and I've never hit the dpi button accidentally so can't really relate with that one... Also the bigger grip works nicely for palm gripping and I've got pretty big hand too.
But otherwise I agree with ya.
I love this mouse. Completely agree with you. The only thing I do not like is the lack of a grip for a really big hand (Hello, Logitech!) I find about 1/3 of my palm resting on the mouse pad. It'd be awesome to have a grip that resembled Microsoft's Comfort Mouse 6000