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Logitech M310 Wireless Mouse (Blue Shards)


Pros: Nano receiver is hardly noticeable in a USB port, receiver fits in mouse for storage, pleasing variety of designs, comfortable in hand, never fails!

Cons: Occasional issue with staying powered on presented as flickering.

At the right price, this mouse really delivers for the everyday guy or gal, plain and simple.

This mouse is exactly what I was looking for and Logitech really delivered here for $30.00. Though that may be considered by some as steep for such a basic mouse, I have thoroughly enjoyed using it. It is exactly what it looks like in every picture, a simple piece of hardware that does exactly what you want it to do with two mouse buttons and a center scroll wheel. Coming in about ten different styles, it will suit just about anyone's tastes as well.

Now, you may have noticed in the titles that I have said that this was my 2nd M310 in three years. The mouse never quit on me, that's for sure. Rather, I had killed it mercilessly by dropping it in a glass of soda as I was exiting my couch to get some taquitos. I cried many manly tears that night and was consoled only by the fact that I could replace the rather plain Peacock Blue color with a more visually exciting Blue Shards mouse for the same price, which I managed to snag at $19.95 on eBay (you still can!).

If you're in it for a laptop's everyday trackpad replacement or non-gaming desktop mouse, I couldn't recommend this mouse highly enough for you. If you're into hardcore gaming, however, I can't say that this is the most high-end mouse on the market and you may want to look elsewhere, perhaps at a bit higher of a price-point.

Overall, I give this mouse five out of five stars for being what it is and nothing else but reliable and battery efficient. I love this mouse, and I hope you will too!
Logitech M310 Wireless Mouse (Blue Shards)

The Logitech M310 is a very basic, down to earth mouse with few features aside from the variety of color and design schemes you can order it in.

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