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Logitech MX 518 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse


Pros: Great value for money, simple to use, comfortable

Cons: NONE

Bought this mouse...erm...years ago. So long ago I cant even remember when it was, but its still working as good today as when I bought it probably close to 5 years ago. That is testament to the incredible build quality on this mouse, that its still working years after it was made.

I use this mouse for gaming, web browsing and it does both with ease. On gaming 9 times out of 10 when I play (BF3 mainly), I end up with a positive K/D ratio, and without this mouse I dont think that would be the case. The movement of this mouse on my mousemat is swift and quick. I also never have issues with my mouse cursor flipping to the top of my desktop screen like you sometimes get with cheap OEM mouses.

The mouse has forward/back buttons, scroll wheel, +/- buttons. I only ever use the forward and back buttons for browsing the internet, which saves alot of time clicking onscreen buttons.

The Logitech logo has mostly faded on the top of my mouse, but I dont mind that at all considering how long ive had it. I think I only paid about £20 for this mouse, and considering its lasted so long, I think thats money well spent.

All in all Id give this mouse a 5/5, it might not be available anymore but its successor the Logitech G400 is basically the same mouse but with higher DPI on the laser sensor.


Pros: Nice appearance, great accuracy, durable, comfortable, side buttons, good software

Cons: Newer products are out

Today I'll be reviewing the classic Logitech MX518 gaming grade optical mouse. I've owned mine for many years so I will do my best to tell everything about it.

1. Appearance: The MX518 has a very classy appearance. Instead of flashy lights like some other mice have, this one has an elegant metallic silver finish with black accents.

2. Performance: Despite being so old, the accuracy is still top notch. Originally they were 1600 dpi, but later Logitech updated them to be 1800 dpi. I've owned both versions and never had a single problem with them being able to keep up with my movements. There are small plastic feet on the bottom that allow it to smoothly glide over flat suraces.

3. Durability: I can definitely assure you that this is a durable mouse. After many years of use, mine still functions like brand new. Dropping your mouse is never recommended, but after dropping mine onto the floor before it still works without a problem.

4. Comfort: The logitech MX518 is a very comfortable mouse for right-handed people. There is a groove in the left side for your thumb and the overall shape is very comfortable. The weight, shape, and size all seem to have the perfect balance to make you forget that you're even using it.

5. Buttons: The MX518 has the standard right and left mouse buttons, a click-able scroll wheel, and also features two buttons on the left side that can be very useful for games. In FPS games, I always set one to "reload" so that I don't have to think about pressing a button on my keyboard. There are also three small buttons near the scroll wheel: one button to switch the active window and two buttons to change the dpi on the fly. They are small enough and correctly positioned so that you don't have to worry about accidentally pressing them in the middle of a game.

6. Software: The bundled software that comes with the mouse is actually very good. Logitech Setpoint allows you to not only set the dpi and sensitivity, but also have it change automatically when windows loads a game. The program runs in the background and doesn't use much of your system's resources.

7. Negatives: I actually prefer wired mice, but if you desire wireless then this mouse isn't for you. Also, the shape of this mouse was designed for right-handed people so lefties may want to consider a different mouse.

In conclusion, I would have to say that I highly recommend the Logitech MX518. The price is reasonable, the appearance is timeless, and the performance is top notch. Thanks for reading.


Pros: Light weight, Tracks well, Ergonomic Grip, Aesthetically pleasing (At least to me), Mappable Buttons and changable DPI

Cons: No customisable weights, Gets dirty fairly easily, More expensive than the G400

Hello, and welcome to Voodoo's review of the MX518.

The MX518 is the older varient of a G400, I don't own a G400 so I can't make a direct comparison of it.

The MX518 is the same shape as a G400, but the G400 is an upgraded version. I'm finding it hard to pull out good things about the MX518 that other mice can't do, as it's very much a generic mouse. The DPI changing on the go is a useful feature for gamers, especially inbetween switching from (for instance, Team Fortress 2) a scout to a sniper, where the scout needs a lightning quick speed to spin around and fire as quickly as possible and keep pelting the target, whereas the Sniper can have a nice slow speed for those accurate headshots.

Don't get me wrong, although I'm beginning to sound negative to my MX518, I love it, It's just that mouses (which also correlate in price) with more features are available (G500) but the thing does the job perfect for me. I use the customisable buttons alot, though my gripe with Logitech is that It says 8, although There's 2 for the DPI scrolling (Doesn't really count as customisable if you need them anyway), the middle mouse button (I use for teamspeak) and the two buttons to the left (Back/Forward buttons for browsing the internet, but I use them for voice programs ingame) and another one for 'Document selector' (IMHO, Pointless feature for windows vista/7 users), which basically brings up a little screen with all your open tabs.

The actual mouse itself is very comfortable. I'm 15, but My hands at (as measured ) 19cm length, 9cm Width. I feel I'm just starting to outgrow it with my pinky hanging over the edge, but the thumb position is perfect, as are the mouse button fingers. My only issue is that my finger closest to the pinky doesn't really have a comfortable position other than the right click and a bit on the rubber lining. The "Logitech" logo is well stuck on, as I've had it since march and no noticeable signs of damage are there, and it's been dropped, banged, carried etc. The mouse in itself is in perfect condition after this time, with on average 2-3 hours gaming a day. My issue is with the actual mouse body, debris can easily stick itself to the plastic coating, but a quick scratch with the nail can remove it.

Onto the feet, the feet are very durable and (Now) smooth, as it's been worn down gradually to very, VERY smooth as I play on a wooden surface. I've yet to get a (proper) mousemat for use, but I'm sure it'll become even better on a good quality one.

Overall? It's a cracking mouse, and it's not that expensive. It's a good alternative to a G500, but ultimately now the G400 out-does it in some aspects.

(Also note, I'm from the UK, so I paid £32.49 off Amazon.co.uk)
Logitech MX 518 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

The Logitech MX518 redefines extreme gaming mice with the award-winning MX Optical Engine that delivers an ultra-high 1600 dpi resolution. This yields pixel-by-pixel positioning accuracy to really sharpen your game. This 8-button mouse provides up to 15 g of acceleration and gives you precise aiming accuracy with minimal mouse movement. The included SetPoint software, exclusive to Gaming-Grade mice, is ahead of its time, letting you choose between 5 custom level sensitivity settings, so that you get the right feel and movement. In-game switching to three sensitivity levels (1,600, 800, and 400 dpi resolution) facilitates precise targeting and fast-evasion gaming. The super-slick feet provide smooth and precise movements and targeting. The MX518 has been specifically designed for long-hour high-intensity gaming sessions with a contoured grip design and a sculpted thumb support for superior grasp and unparalleled comfort. Hand Orientation: Right Hand Maximum dpi: 1800 dpi Windows Vista: Certified for Windows Vista Operating System Supported: Windows XP/ Vista System Requirement: 1 USB Port; CD-ROM Drive Features: 1800 dpi optical engine Sculpted comfort grip Polytetrafluoroethylene feet In-game sensitivity switching Eight programmable buttons Durable build Advanced software Package Contents: MX 518 Mouse User Manual Driver Disk Parts: 3 years limited

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