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A Review On: Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse (Black)

Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse (Black)

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Pros: Everything

Cons: Not for left handers

This mouse is super old, but this is the best mouse I've ever used, and when I saw the performance MX out, I went out and bought a second Revolution MX, just because the Performance MX sucked in comparison (when I tried it).

This mouse is by far the most comfortable and the most useful mouse (for media controls) I think that exists.
Of course there are other mice out there, and possibly better equipped ones, such as gaming mice. but as far as media controls go, and browsing experience. None, in my experience come even remotely close to taking the throne of the Revolution MX.

I've had mine for over 2years, and it is still going. Despite me RMA'ing one, due to battery charging problems (known issue).

Anyway, best mouse for me - good luck trying to find one now though!


I agree. I have never found an equal to the Revolution. Ergonomically, it's perfect. Too bad about the charging issues; I had to solder a resistor to the circuit board just to get it to charge some of the time. It still blinks red on the charger from time to time, but I can gimp along.

That said, you can pry it from my cold, dead hands. The Performance MX-- and just about every other mouse-- pales in comparison, but just finding a Revolution still in stock somewhere will set you back twice as much as a Performance MX. It's almost worth it.
haha yeah - especially the thumb wheel - WHY on earth did they get rid of it!?
And that "search button" - I don't need it for DPI or what not.

I use the side wheel for my volume and the top button for play/pause - i love it !

I did try the MX and I was disappointed in it.
Sure it still is a great mouse, but it isn't that Revolution, more like an Evolution (I see what I did there )