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A Review On: Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse (Black)

Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse (Black)

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Pros: Excellent for large hands- very ergonomic- great for arthritic hands.-good feature set.

Cons: No cons.

I purchased this mouse because I just couldn't find a mouse to fit my large hand, with arthritis in that right hand. This mouse was very expensive- 85.00, in my humble opinion, but I was used to getting the much-cheaper models, that were also much smaller in size.
The cheaper model mouse, left my hand very cramped, and at times very painful to the point, I couldn't use my hand for anything, never mind using a mouse.
Since I purchased this Logitech MX Revolution Cordless mouse, I have had no pain in my right hand from using a mouse, which by the way, is an extensive amount of time, each and every day, as I spend a lot of time at my computer as I was forced into early retirement due to physical disability, and computers have become my passion in life.
This mouse, to me, has been worth every penny spent on it, even though it was expensive.
I highly, recommend this mouse to some one with large hands, with arthritis, and someone that spends a lot of their time at a computer. This mouse is also for people who like to program their mouse, to keep a feature-set of utilities at their finger tips, to enable the user to be more productive and organized, as they work.
I also work from my keyboard like any power user does, but when it comes to needing a mouse, this one is just awesome.thumb.gif
This mouse cost 85.00.


Still the most comfortable mouse I've ever used. I got a G9x to replace it, but if they made a wired version of the MX Revolution, I would be all over it.
If its like my Performance MX mouse, can't you just keep the USB connected? Then bam, you got a wired mouse....
Isn't this just either a older version or non "G" Series of the G700?