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Logitech Speaker System Z906


Pros: Powerfull crisp clear bass, basic system controller with a remote & headphone & aux-in jacks & plenty of inputs.

Cons: The 4 satellites & center speaker have a tinny metallic sound.

The subwoofer has a big bass sound that is very clear & distortion free. It will rattle my stuff off the shelves if I crank it up. But Logitech paired the sub with 5 metallic sounding satellite speakers which definitely drag the system down. (I had a Polk RM-75 4 + center small satellite speaker set which I used instead of the Logitech sats. & the sound from this set-up is amazing. I'm not an audiophile but I know what sounds right. I'm using an HT Omega eClaro sound card & I think I'm finally listening to my PC the way it was supposed to sound.) I still give the Z906 an excellent rating because the subwoofer & remote controlled controller are excellent. Combining that with all the inputs & you have a sub you can use for your living room set-up as well. It has a 6 channel direct PC input, an RCA right/left stereo input, 2 optical inputs & a coaxial input. Your 5 speaker out-puts are on the sub as well. I have my TV & PC hooked up to this setup & they sound great. I recommend the Z906 & I would buy it again. I just would not use the satellites for too long.
Logitech Speaker System Z906

THX-Certified system delivers theater-quality surround sound for your movies, games and music.

Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Logitech Z 906 5.1 Sourround Speaker5711045152542
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