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Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: Works as intended

Cons: none.

I have had the wired and the wireless pair and must say I prefer the wireless g930s. I Can get up from gaming and go into the kitchen grab a beer n come back with no connections issues unless the microwave is on and I'm near it. The only con that I'm sorta worried about is the link where the ear pieces are attached to the headset. I broke mine on my wired pair and worried I may do so on my 930's. but I bought the extended warranty and find it worth it. I've owned turtle beach and Triton and find these a good competitor/replacement.

Negative Reviews


Surround Sound is good (when it works)


Pros: Intergrated Hotkeys, Sounds fine

Cons: Surround sound randomly quits working, especially when switching USB ports (and sometimes on it's own), Randomly squeals in your ear

I've owned the Logitech G930 for about 4-5 months now. After I moved and set up my PC at the my new digs, they stopped being recognized by the Logitech Gaming Software. That means, no more surround sound and no configuration options are available. Trying different USB ports didn't work. Un- and re-installing wont work. The headset will still be recognized under Windows (Sound Properties, Device Managers, etc) and give Stereo sound, but no more 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound. I had unplugged the USB dongle my move and when I set up the computer again, I used a different USB port with the result of the Headset no longer being recognized by the Logitech Gaming Software. This seems to be a far more...
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Great starter Headset for anyone looking to venture into the wireless options


Pros: Solid Look and Feel, Comfortable, Great Sound Quality

Cons: 2.4 Frequency causes issues with other wireless devices near by, Hit and miss when it wants to connect the first try

Grabbed these cups after needing an immediate replacement for my Vengeance 2100 which gave out on me on day 2 All in all, the build and quality of the headphones are great, but I hate spending 2-3 minutes trying to power cycle this thing each time i start my computer just to get it to connect with the wireless hub. Enjoy the full review below:

OK If you want a wireless headset I guess


Pros: Good sound quality, long battery life, easy to wear, good mic (handy stow function), nice buttons

Cons: Software works but interferes with setpoint, surround is artificial (crap), price

It's good overall apart from: Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) Uses a lot of resources in the background, it also interferes with set point, which I originally had for my G700, and the mouse configuration in LGS is flakey at best, and far more buggy than set point (which was bad already) Surround sound is crap as you would expect from anything where it is artificially generated on two speakers. Usually pretty expensive, I got mine for $50, and I would not have bought it had it not been on offer. Volume doesn't go up as much as I would sometimes like 2.4GHz, so it sometimes cuts out The buttons are much more useful that I originally expected, I set them to rewind/pause/fast forward so I...
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Logitech G930 Review


Pros: Good range, very good noise cancellation, Long Battery Life when you get a good set (See Notes), Comfortable

Cons: Poor Lifespan, Charging port can be buggy

I have had 3 of these over the past 2 years and I can say they are great when they work but tend to die after 8-12 Months of use. Logitech's support is great, just make sure you have your Proof of Purchase on file with them. The battery/charging port can cause problems after awhile, this was the main reason for all my RMA's. It tends to have a problem with it showing its charging but the battery will still be used and will die even when plugged in. My final set that I got through my last RMA the battery lasted no longer than 3-4 Hours on a full charge. Final Conclusion: If you can stand RMAing a headset each year, this is a decent wireless headset. If you can't stand RMAing things get a...
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Logitech G930 Review


Pros: Excellent Sound Quality, Wireless, Long Battery Life, Excellent USB Base Station, G-Keys, Good Software

Cons: Ears can get warm after a long gaming session, very wobbly, some parts are flimsy,

I love the Logitech G930. It is an excellent headset, with only a few minor drawbacks. Here is the box with product view. Included in the box is the unit itself, the charging/wireless cord, and some documentation Sound Quality The sound quality is better than any headset I have ever listened to, including wired headsets. The user will be totally immersed once the headset is put on. The plush ear cups block out almost all extraneous noise. The 7.1 is good, but not perfect. However, what can you expect from only 2 speakers? Flipping on the Dobly 7.1, using the switch on the left ear cup, brings a whole new level to the game. The sound moves from inside you to in front of you, or...
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Impressed Audiophile


Pros: Decent Audio Quality, 8+ Hours of Battery Life, Easy and Effective Software, Impressive Range

Cons: Build Quality could be Better

These blew me away. As an audiophile with thousands invested into equipment, I wanted a headset that had a included microphone, was wireless, and had gaming in mind. Understandably non of my trusted brands had this offering. The G930 is impressive. The sound quality is quite good. Not heaven, but probably some of the best non-audiophiles will hear. The surround sound is a nice novelty as well. I have very little complaints about this, and I love logitech's software for it's devices. I'm never really disappointed with this brand. My only complaint is I feel like the hinges could break easily, but it could just be in my head.

My Thoughts on the G930 Headset from Logitech


Pros: Sound quality Good, No risk of tripping over your cables. Battery lasts long enough for most sessions. Replacement batteries are available

Cons: 2.4GHz Wireless can interfere with nearby Wireless networks. Headset is difficult to power cycle.

The Pros: The Logitech G930 Headset is a High Quality Headset that can stand up to alot of torture. Ive slept with them on for some time I was a little reluctant at first, to switch from my Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer Soundcard to a USB audio processor based Headset, but i had received a $50 off coupon code from Logitech, and after my experience with the quality control lacking Turtle Beach Ear-Force HPA2 Headset, i bit the bullet. In My experience, Sound quality is on par with my add-on Creative card, and not having to plug in 5 different cables for 5.1 channel audio is definitely a plus. The build quality and design is much better than other headsets i have owned, and it is comfortable...
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