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A Review On: Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

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Pros: Decent Audio Quality, 8+ Hours of Battery Life, Easy and Effective Software, Impressive Range

Cons: Build Quality could be Better

These blew me away. As an audiophile with thousands invested into equipment, I wanted a headset that had a included microphone, was wireless, and had gaming in mind. Understandably non of my trusted brands had this offering.

The G930 is impressive. The sound quality is quite good. Not heaven, but probably some of the best non-audiophiles will hear. The surround sound is a nice novelty as well. I have very little complaints about this, and I love logitech's software for it's devices. I'm never really disappointed with this brand.

My only complaint is I feel like the hinges could break easily, but it could just be in my head.


The hinges do break on their wired counterpart G35, so much so that out of the 4 people I know who have it (including myself) all of them have snapped. Luckily the G930's have rubber in the head bracket and around the hinge to stop this.

The sound is okay for wireless but you really start to notice it's limit on the lows.

Do you use the equaliser as well as stereo for music? Mind posting up your settings if you do
I also have this headset, best I've heard from anyone I know. Other than the Astro A40s my buddy once had. THOSE were heaven.
I have to agree with you, Coming from a 5.1 Trittons headset to this I have to say this is an amazing headset, I mean I bought a G35 for when I had to RMA because of a bad charging port (after about 8-12 months of constant use) didn't realize how short of time it was to get the new pair and I now have my G35's as a backup/Laptop pair
I've owned these for almost a year and they still look and feel like it's the day I just opened them (minus the wear on the ear padding). Solid build quality, great audio performance, perfect for gaming and even music when you don't want to make noise. I usually listen to music on them while cleaning my dorm or doing work while my roommate is sleeping - I'm loving the wireless-ness.
ive had my G35s going on 3 years still using them every day. May finally give them to the wife and pick a pair of these up to reduce the clutter.
I find it kind of odd that my review on these has no comments on it (its the only other review of this headset on the site) despite it being more in depth. i do like the G930, Just make sure you never use it near someone's 2.4GHz WiFi.
There's pretty much a 1/10 chance that every time you turn it on or it disconnects/reconnects that it will flood their WiFi channel, causing it to be unusable (the WiFi, not the headset)
Dropped mine, and they broke! The plastic around the headphone broke so I duct tapped it and it still works fine. Even thought they are not the best build quality I would buy these again wihtout thinking twice. The sound, the software, the fit are excellent!
I own, I luv, I would buy again, Logitech very user friendly.
Warranty user friendly.
Going on 6 months i believe.
Mic does pick up everything to a 't' without missing a beat. even my mouse click is loud.